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Why do I need SEO after building a new website design? 

why do i need seo after building a new website design? 

Search Engine Optimisation is a very integral part of having a successful website. Website design isn’t everything sure it makes for a nice looking and clean web page. But the visual doesn’t bring up what people are searching for. It is an aspect of keeping people engaged and happy on your site but it must be paired with seo otherwise people won’t find what they are searching for. 

Organic search is the main source of traffic

Organic search is a large aspect of a business’s website traffic and performance. As marketers are fully aware that Google owns a very significant part of the search market than other competitors. Google being the most used and visited website around the world and currently the most popular email provider. We can clearly say that the majority of the world has access to google so it makes sense to optimise your website or the specific search platform. Using SEO is very important and Google can recognise that and rewards you with rankings for what users are searching for. While its amazing have a beautiful website design, its supper important to have it found on Google. Getting on the first page of google can only be achieved by doing quality SEO.

SEO builds trust and credibility 

The main goal of any SEO specialist is to achieve a strong foundation for a beautiful website to run. Many elements go into making that goal achievable, things like Backlinks, Positive user behaviour and optimised content and page elements all play their part in allowing SEO to shine and bring in the results you as a business owner want. 

Good SEO also means good user experience

Although organic rankings are super important for your business website, the one thing that flys under the radar without being noticed is user experience. Customers normally know what they want, if they can’t find it they will leave your site negatively impacting you and your website performance. SEO comes into play here, making sure your web pages have what users could potentially be looking for and offers them the information that they need quickly and within fewer clicks. 

Local SEO Means Increased Engagement, Traffic & Conversions

With the increase of mobile traffic, mobile phones, tablets and laptops, local search is a fundamental part of growing those small-medium size businesses. Using local SEO targets your local community to drive them to your website, bringing them closer to visiting your business or buying your products. Local SEO focuses on incorporating specific towns, cities, regions and postcode areas. SEO professionals use local citations and backlinks as well as local listings to boost local SEO. An integral part of this is Google My Business listing and focusing on Google reviews and your social media platforms. 

SEO Best Practices Are Always Being Updated

Since there are so many different aspects to SEO and a good website presence is it always best to hire a Specialist to take care of all of your SEO and Marketing needs. SEO practices are always being updated and are forever changing so it is very important to have someone looking at them consistently to ensure your business is getting the most out the keywords that are on your website. SEO isn’t just changing your keywords and you are good to go, Google is constantly changing algorithms, if you and your business fall too far behind it can be a very difficult task to catch back up and become relevant on Google’s ranking pages. 

SEO Is Relatively Cheap

All the best things cost money. SEO is an investment in your business that will pay off itself, the benefits are considerable for your business. The more attention, time and investment that gets put into SEO the better it will get with time. 


Ensuring you have good quality and strong SEO on your brand’s website and other digital platforms will be extremely beneficial. It is an integral part to standing out from your competitors and giving users exactly what they are searching for. For more information on SEO and Website design, speak to DGreat Solutions.