Many businesses, big or small, are now embracing new trends when it comes to their building needs. Before, a permanent warehouse and office is the no-brainer solution to give employees a workplace where they can work efficiently and with ease. But now, temporary buildings are on the rise giving options to anyone who might need a durable structure fast – be it for business or private use.

With the vast array of uses for such structures, it proves to be one durable, cheaper and a more efficient alternative solution for the needs of many organizations and industries. Most of these temporary building solutions are made from fabric tarp structures. However, tarps were used for an entirely different purpose before.

Tarps – Then and Now

In the earlier days, tarpaulins were used mainly in billboards for marketing and advertising purposes. Another usage includes as shipping, carriage and wagon covers. Nowadays, however, one can use tarps for industrial purposes. They come in different shapes and sizes, serving different purposes and ranging from light-duty to heavy-duty grades. One can use it for personal utilization or business application.

Tarps as Dome Structures and Its Uses

With the abundant supply of world-class industrial-grade tarps brought about by different and certified suppliers, we can now enjoy tarpaulins in various forms. One of the favorites of many come by forms of dome shelters. A Dome Shelter has lots of uses and can serve different purposes that can be enjoyed by many. One can use it as a warehouse for goods, materials and equipment storage. You can also use it as a makeshift office or even a space meant for production.

But why make use of a dome structure for your business or private use? Here are the many reasons why.

Easy installation and transport

When using temporary fabric structures such as tarp domes, you save money because the time spent for it to erect is considerably shorter. It has an easy and straightforward way of installation, plus you can dismantle it as easy and as fast as when you first installed it.

Better atmosphere and noise control

Old warehouses may be permanent buildings, but one cannot deny that dome structures have a better atmosphere and noise control. No matter what your needs are, there will always be one that can provide you with the kind of atmosphere you need for your office, production or storage. You can also get one that can control the amount of noise emitted, providing a better environment for everyone.


One of the best reasons to use fabrics structures would be its environment-friendliness. Because these are made mostly from durable and recyclable materials, you can make a significant impact and help save the environment.


Since tarp shelters are more affordable, longer-lasting and durable, you can save a considerable amount of expenses when choosing this over buildings. You can even reuse this for other functions, uninstall, transfer or relocate for future use. This is one advantage the permanent structures cannot give – flexibility and versatility.