Why Boat Moorings Can Be The Ideal Investment

boat Moorings
boat Moorings

Boating culture is like a community. Through your shared passion for boats and the water, you wouldn’t want to do anything else in life. So why not take that recreational passion, and turn it into an income stream? Boat moorings can be the ideal investment for the savvy investor, while also providing you a connection to the sport and passions that you love. If you were gearing up to make an investment, you may want to consider boat moorings.

Low maintenance

If you have used boat moorings before you will know how easy it is to get in and get out again. The sole functionality of boat moorings is to be convenient and low maintenance. The same will be so for you as an investor who snaps up Boat Moorings For Sale. You will be hard pressed to find another investor scheme wherein the outlying costs and maintenance fees will be so low, not to mention the level of contact. Commercial and residential investment properties could never be this simple and straightforward, there are too many variables and parties involved. Your boat mooring on the other hand, is essentially controlled by the workers employed by that mooring who are there to receive and provide guidance to boat enthusiasts. So you can just relax, and have that investment work for you.

Interest all year round

It can be summer or winter, and a boat enthusiast is out there on the water. Boat moorings can be an ideal investment as they generate interest and need all year around. Every day, locals or international guests come in masses to find sun, sand and water. What may be winter for an Australian could be Summer for a travelling guest. Consider an investment where you can rest easy knowing there is no peak or slow seasons – just demand all year round.

Pays for your boating fun

Maybe this investment consideration makes sense to you because you are a boat enthusiasts, and you spend enough time at moorings to know how this business works. You could leverage this investment and acquire all that equipment and gear that will make you a better sailor. If you were so inclined, you could even use your investment income to purchase a new boat altogether and go on to hire out that vessel as yet another income stream.

Set and forget

Any boat mooring investor will tell you that once you have made the deal, there is little else to do. Boating mooring investments are a set and forget business. Commercial property has complex insurance and property managers snagging any profit that might come your way – not to mention the constant communication. Residential investments can be just as bad, with unpredictable tenants and unresponsive real estate agents. You want an investment that will give you more time, not less.

Retirement plan

If retirement is on the horizon, this might be an ideal investment for you. The low maintenance and set and forget nature of the business will afford you the luxury of staying in the investment game, without the drama. This investment might even be ideal for your super, topping it up each month in preparation for retirement. It also diversifies you portfolio, which will make it more interesting when you manage these investments full time, and will let future partners know that you are open to different investment opportunities.

If you haven’t yet considered boat moorings as an investment, start considering. You will be a few steps ahead if you are a boat enthusiast yourself, as you know the nature of the business and how it works from the user point of view. Diversify your portfolio and create another income stream without the hassle of property managers, tenants, and other noise that comes from investing in property.