This is an intriguing mix of memoir, practical strategies, reference to tarot, and positive self-leadership resources for women going through major change in their lives.

Pioneering in her capacity to conceptualise self-leadership, Terri Connellan provides a cogent way forward for women of all ages and life stages. In a time when many feel lost or dis-spirited, this book can change lives. Integrating ancient and new knowledge, she accompanies the reader with processes, advice and ideas to ensure self-efficacy in our complex world.

Particularly for career change self-help books, there hasn’t been much around that takes a quasi-rational approach. Most books are either business strategy and sequential tasks, or messy fluff about doing what you love with no credible roadmap. This book is comprehensive.

Terri Connellan has written a book for thinking and feeling women who who may be lost or weary and require a process that they can trust. The sheer honesty of her personal experience and her ability to create meaningful exercises, questions, and strategies for a range of women is outstanding. Terri understands the collective unconscious and how to decode the visual representation of archetypal symbolism in tarot.
So, already we can notice that this book celebrates both right and left brain functioning.

What stands out for me is her generosity of acknowledgement of other professionals, other authors, and friends along her journey. She honours the resources that have helped her, and explains why they have been significant. I rarely read a book that is so respectful of the people, texts, and opportunities that have shaped the author. A refreshing change. She also outlines her process of writing her first book; these additions share some great ideas for other writers, people who are interested in tarot, and readers who seek to understand this creative process.

In addition to a work book for self exploration, we are given some excellent tarot card explanations and a comprehensive list of powerful books or talks to continue with.

During COVID lockdowns and restrictions it has been problematic for psychologists, counsellors, coaches, and caring friends to see a person who is struggling with their career, their life-stage, and their purpose. Many women are tired, confused, unwell, or bereft of ideas for their next stage of growth. The Wholehearted book and companion workbook are safe tools for clients to use. In this sense, the books may ‘hold’ a client who is unable to make a visit or use Zoom for regular sessions. If a client is able to have virtual sessions there is still a great help in giving the workbook tasks as homework between sessions. I had begun work with a client in her 50’s who was in grief about her life and how to sit with her pain, before lockdowns interrupted our work. I encouraged her use the book and companion workbook until we could resume our sessions. She found the experience rewarding and useful. wholehearted: self leadership for women in transition, and the wholehearted companion workbook by terri connellan review by meredith fuller

“Four years of writing and shifting to living more in line with my no 1 value – creativity and creative living – coming together.
Do you know what I’ve learnt? It takes courage. You need to be brave. It helps to have a vision and to keep going step-by-step towards what matters for you. It also means leaving things behind like jobs we feel secure in and embracing uncertainty”, says Terri.

Her questions are penetrating and profound for the reader. As an introverted intuitive thinking judging female (INTJ), her work is well structured whilst enabling the reader to meander. She explains Type theory and how it can hard to let go of a brilliant career forged over decades. But many women have an imperative – leave or become dessicated, change or unpleasant changes will be made for you. Many women have been so busy working hard, pleasing others, and ignoring their voices within. Her techniques are designed to assist mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually.

The book and workbook can be used by an individual, with a counsellor, or in a group.

She even provides a set of Book Club notes.

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Terri Connellan

wholehearted: self leadership for women in transition, and the wholehearted companion workbook by terri connellan review by meredith fuller

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