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Which Things Should Not Take With ED Medication?

Mick Pacholli
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Currently, more than 40% of men are suffering from the problem of erectile dysfunction. With low erection during sex with their partners, they become unable to make a good sexual performance. However, erection dysfunction is not that type of difficult problem which cannot be solved. By taking the help of medication and taking the advice of doctors, it can be solved immediately. There are numerous medicines available both online and offline to help you to solve your ED problem.

By taking the proper medication and guidelines of a doctor, people can solve the problem of erection dysfunction. By taking the medicine every day just before 30 or 40 minutes before having a sexual encounter with the female partner, they can increase their sexual activities.

Besides all of these things, people will also have to remember a few important things in their minds. The important things that a man cannot take while taking erectile dysfunction medicines are here in this article.  We are going to talk about all those things which should not be taken with this particular medicine.

Some of the Things That People Cannot Take During ED Medication

Now let us know one by one all the things that you or people who are facing the problem of erectile dysfunction cannot take.

Do not consume grapefruit

A study found that eating grapefruits with the use of Sildenafil (Active ingredient in Cenforce 100) can increase the level of medicine that may trigger of getting side effects.

The very first thing that you cannot take if you are taking erectile dysfunction medicine is grapefruit juice or any grapefruit products. This fruit is not appropriate while people are getting their erectile dysfunction problem with medication. It can bring any one of the major or minor Side Effects ok and lower your physical performance in the bed.

 However, people cannot also take a heavy meal or food just after taking the medicine. Therefore, all these things you will have to simply avoid when you are taking the ED medication.  All you can do is simply take a lot of water while consuming or swallowing the pill the everyday.

Heart medications

Besides that, people who are facing the problem of heart disease or any cardiovascular problem, they cannot take the medicine for erectile dysfunction. As they are already consuming the medicine for heart disease or chest pain, this medicine is not appropriate for them and for their health equally. Subsequently, those who are already made with cardiac arrest disease should also avoid taking the medicine because it can impact a negative point on their health.

People may not know about these precautions before taking the medicine therefore a doctor can help you to know all these things in detail. The combination of the ED medication with other medications can result in a very dangerous thing for a person’s health.

HIV medications

Similarly, people who are taking the medicine for HIV disease should not take the medicine for erectile dysfunction. If you are taking Antiviral medications like ritonavir, then the ED medicine is not perfect for you. Subsequently, it can offer numerous problems to your liver or can damage your liver activity very quickly.

Not only that, with time it can also increase the risk of many toxic effects on your body and on your health.  This is another one more thing that people cannot take during the ED medication.

Antibiotics and antifungals

Subsequently, for people who are facing the problem of bacterial and fungal infection, this particular medicine is not also appropriate to take. People, who are taking the medicine for these problems erythromycin, itraconazole, and ketoconazole, should completely avoid the medicine for erectile dysfunction.

Otherwise, the ability of liver function can decrease at any time. Similarly, they will also have to space as some kind of major side effects on a long-term basis.

Blood pressure medications

In other words, if you are taking medicine for your high blood pressure then you should not also take the medicine for erectile dysfunction or ED medication. The combination of your high blood pressure medicine and erectile dysfunction medicine can increase very dangerous results for your body.

Therefore, if you are taking medicine on daily basis to control your high blood pressure then you will also have to avoid the medicine.

Liver or kidney problems

Subsequently, people who are also facing the problem of kidney and liver-related diseases also cannot take the ED medication. Again the combination of these two medicines can create other problems for your body which can a literary decrease your health.

If you are totally unaware of all these things then you should know about these things before taking your medication ED. however, your doctor will also help you to know all these facts by simply giving a prescription which things you should not take during the medication.


Therefore, these are the whole things that you cannot take with ED Medication. Subsequently, people with other major health issues and medication cannot take also ED pills at the same time.

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