As far as careers go, you know you’ve “made it” when some of your many artistic collaborators included the likes of Beyonce, Kylie Minogue and Lady Gaga. Monsieur Romeo, also the first man to perform at the infamous Crazy Horse Paris,  has worked with such names. But under the veneer of this incredibly talented performer lies an intelligence that some may miss.

In town performing in Blanc de Blanc, billed as having “big moves, great tunes, lots of skin and more than a few surprises in a show that will serve up titillating acts to infatuate, illuminate and delight.” He took some time out to chat with TAGG about career and this performance in particular. 

How did your career kick off, is there a definitive moment that you can look back on as a turning point?

My career definitely took a turning point when i started hosting this very prestigious French Cabaret in Hollywood called ” L’Effleur Des Sens”which translates to: “Flirting with the senses”. That is where Dita Von Teese found me and asked me to join her Burlesque Tour. Sometimes i would have Hollywood celebrities guest staring the show with me like Zoe Mclellan , while other celebrities like Solange Knowles (Beyonce’s sister) would come and watch the show multiple times because she loved it so much.  Because of the show’s popularity, I had the pleasure to be featured in a fashion spread magazine with the iconic Brittany Murphy. The show played for 5 years and was the hottest spot to be in Hollywood. That was the moment when my career took a completely different direction. I am very thankful the director (Cati Jean)  gave me the opportunity to host “L’Effleur Des Sens”

Who have been some of your favorite or most influencing artists that you have worked with and why?

I have learned from many Artists, but i would say, mostly from women in this industry. They have been a big influence for me. It is a very tuff industry if you are a woman and seeing them working harder than most of men really inspire me. For instance working with Beyonce completely blew me away, she is an extremely hard worker and very precise on her choice. Working with Lady Gaga, was extremely creative, she is not afraid of taking risks and she does not listen to what others would want her to be or say. Dita Von teese taught me class in a vintage way, she is a strong buisness woman. I have learn from many artists, i think it is important to learn from each other to grow as an individual artist.

Talk to us about Blanc De Blanc, what should audiences come expecting, and what can they expect to walk away with? 

Blanc de Blanc is a show about Champagne. It starts as a French sophisticated cabaret but then quickly turns into a fun wild party.  Be prepare to be laughing – amused – entertained – suprised – stimulated and aroused. I have an anecdote from this 12 years married couple that saw the show. She thanked me because when she got home , her husband made love to her like it was the first time. You will walk away wanting to see it again.

What do you think is the key to Cabaret and Burlesque resurgence and continued popularity with audiences?

I believe that people want to see that vintage look mix with a modern twist and this is exactly what Blanc de Blanc is. It s like having the Burlesque without the dust on it. The format of a cabaret will always entertain, it s very simple with different type of acts. Plus i believe that our days people want to see live performances more than anything else since the internet and the social media took a big place in our lives. People want to see real and alive, not something thru a screen.

What does Blanc De Blanc offer an audience, that sets it apart from the rest of the pack?

Blanc De Blanc is a unique combination of Cabaret Burlesque and Circus, as i mentionned earlier it s the perfect mix of vintage and modern. For instance the soundtrack of the show is amazing, really modern and actual – the set is art deco that turns into a night club. As well the artists in the show have very strong personalities and integrity to their own craft, we all come from different background of work but somehow, with some Maidment’s magic (the director of the show),  it all work out and make that show very unique. It s a fun show to be part of it and i believe the audience can feel that and want to be part of it secretly.

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