“When Icebergs Burn” is Here

    “when Icebergs Burn” Is Here
     “”If a failed father can prove to his broken daughter that he loves her they might just stand a chance”
    This is a fantastic and serious Play” 
                                                    ~Aarne Neeme


    The Story 
    In an effort to become the father she needs Lazarus has abducted his ice addicted daughter who is on the run from a horrific crime, but with her against him and the police after them both all he has to run with is an impossible plan.

    Aarne Neeme The Director 
    Aarne has directed Blue Heelers, All Saints, MDA, Home and Away, Neighbours, and Out of the Blue. He has also directed over 300 plays .
    A recipient of an Order of Australia (AM) for his work as a Director and Educator in theatre and television he has also been the recipient of various awards in Sydney, Perth Newcastle and Canberra.
    Michael sent this play up to Aarne to see what he thought. He was after advice as he felt the play was quite original and had legs. 
    Aarne’s advice was that he thought it was so groundbreaking that he wanted to come down and direct it. 
    This is what’s happening.
    What the Industry is saying about Michael’s Work
    “In a lifetime of going to see theatre I have never been as emotionally involved in a play as I have in this one”
                                                                                                              -John Flaus

    “Michael has become an outstanding playwright”
                                                                                                              -Aarne Neeme Director

    “You write without fear and yet with a keen sense of both heart and responsibility. You have a good nose for story and a sharp sense of unrest and disquiet. There is enormous truth at the core of your work and you are relentless in your pursuit of it.”
                                                                                                              -Chris Mead MTC

    Griffith crafts an ingenious script that shocks and confounds. 
                                                                                                              -Lyn Zelen Theatre 
                                                                                                                People 4.5/ 5 *


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