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What’s The Best Time to Book My Newborn Photoshoot?



It may take nine months but pregnancy can seem to fly by in a blur of changes and preparations. Before you know it, baby is here and you are completely caught up in the joys and sleeplessness of new babyhood. Definitely not the time to be scrambling to find a newborn baby photographer who can squeeze you into their schedule while your sweet newborn is still looking all wrinkly, curled up, and sleepy.

Your best move is to book the session before baby makes his or her grand appearance.

When Should You Book Baby’s Newborn Photoshoot?

There is no hard and fast rule as to when to book baby’s first photo session. Any time after your 20-week scan is often suggested. You and your photographer will base the appointment date on your due date and the fact that newborn photos are best taken when baby is between 5 and 10 days old.

Try not to wait too late into your pregnancy, however, to select a photographer and book the date. Some photographers can be booked out months in advance so securing your date early is a good idea. Certainly, you will want to make sure the photographer of your choice has already pencilled you in with 3 to 4 weeks to spare before baby is due to arrive.

Plus, booking early gives you time to go through the portfolios of different photographers to find the one you feel is the best match for you. It also gives you time to decide where the session will take place – at home or in-studio. What’s more, you will have time to think about any sentimental props or keepsakes you would like to use in the photos and to discuss these with the photographer.

Many photographers specialize in maternity and newborn photography. If you decide to use the same photographer for both, then a great idea is to book the newborn shoot at the same time you are booking your maternity shoot.

What If the Baby Is Early or Late?

Most babies are! It’s a fact newborn photographers know all too well!

This is why there is a good deal of flexibility in the date you book for your newborn’s session. Simply keep your photographer in the loop with a quick call or text message letting them know when baby has arrived or if your due date has come and gone with baby deciding to stay put a little longer. They will happily work with you to adjust the date if necessary.

What If That 2-Week Window Is Missed?

No worries. Postpartum is an unpredictable time and there may be issues that prevent you and baby from making it to the shoot before day 10 passes. You will find that many photographers are accommodating of this, especially if you booked from early and kept them updated on the issues.

Even if baby is a little older, skilled newborn baby photographers have a few tricks up their sleeves. They may still be able to get some of those curled and sleepy newborn pics we all love so much.

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