what you need to know about insulated garage doors

If you are considering replacing or renovating your garage, you have various options to choose from. There are different varieties of garage doors such as roller doors, insulated garage doors or even sectional garage doors. Insulated garage doors are energy-efficient and prevent heat loss which may raise monthly power bills. By adjusting the temperature in your garage, your home heats up faster and consumes less power. Moreover, a car kept in a garage with insulated doors doesn’t turn cold.

 It’s important to understand the “R” value if you are planning to install an insulated garage door. The “R” value is the measure of the effectiveness of the material in retaining the heat inside the garage. The “R” value can fluctuate, depending on the material used for insulated garage doors.

Having a garage door with windows in a place where it snows would not be a good choice unless you can afford insulated windows which are expensive. Regular windows added to your insulated garage doors can greatly reduce the “R” value. Most insulated garage doors contain layers of polystyrene or styrofoam which has different densities. If the density is more, so will be the insulation. The thickness of the garage door should be increased if the insulation needs to be more.  If you don’t open your garage doors much, then an insulated garage door with higher “R” value can be considered as the best garage door option. The “R” value is relevant only in the case of insulated garage doors that are closed.

Roller garage doors can be secure and quiet during operation. This is the reason for the popularity of roller garage doors. The vertical opening and closing of roller doors can save space in your driveway. Roller garage doors have a simple design which provides a clean look, wherever it is installed.

Garage doors like sectional garage doors are easier to maintain and repair. As the sectional garage doors are parallel to the ceiling, the garage will have a lot of space. You can also opt for woodgrain textured doors for sectional garage doors, which is available in the market.

High-quality garage doors in Melbourne are easily available as there is a wide range of manufacturers and distributors in the city. These manufacturers also provide custom garage doors in Melbourne. Additionally, if you’re looking for a garage door in Melbourne, you can opt for different finishes and colors. Garage doors like sectional garage doors, roller garage doors and insulated garage doors have become popular in Melbourne for domestic and commercial purposes. But remember, when looking for garage doors in Melbourne, a combination of functionality and elegance is essential.

Benefits of insulated garage doors

  • It’s energy-efficient and keeps the garage warm or cold, depending on the climate
  • Insulated garage doors are much quieter when operated
  • An insulated garage door is stronger than other usual garage doors
  • Provides comfort inside the garage
  • Protects your vehicle from harsh climate outside your home.

How to improve the lifespan of your garage doors

  • Opt for timely maintenance
  • Test the door balance and safety features
  • Inspect the rollers and tighten the bolts, if required
  • Maintain and clean the exterior of the garage door
  • Seek help from a professional if you are unable to handle certain issues