What Pool Components are checked in Swimming Pool Inspection?

swimming pool inspection

If you are buying a house that consists of a swimming pool, its condition and safety is simply as essential as the rest of your home. When a pool is unsafe and not in a proper state, it can be a potential problem. Thus, it is essential for you to get it inspected well by a professional inspector before you buy a home.

The pool components that are checked during a Swimming Pool Inspection


Lots of pools these days come with lights within them. A swimming pool inspector has to ensure that these operate whether or not they are newer LED-powered lights or old-style light bulbs that are halogen powered. They inspect whether there is condensation within the lighting fixtures of the pool – which can result in mildew or mould problems. During swimming pool inspection, they can also help you to understand what kind of light bulbs would be the most appropriate for your pool.

Pool Pump

This is an important piece of equipment in a pool. It helps in the circulation of water around other devices, such as heaters and filters, and can keep water warm and clean. A pool cannot be used for a long time if there is no functional pump. Inspectors find out whether or not the pump is in a working state, and check whether it has solid wiring and it is secured in a proper way.

swimming pool inspection

Pool Filter

Pool filters are of various types, but all of them can do the same operation – sanitizing and cleaning the water. In the absence of a filter, a pool can turn into a mess very fast. An inspector has to ensure that the filter is in the proper place and every valve leading to it is properly operating. This is one of his most vital tasks during swimming pool inspection.

Pool Heater

Only a few pools consist of heaters.  However, a pool heater is an essential feature to have. Pool inspectors may evaluate whether or not the heater is of an appropriate size for the pool that you have. They also verify whether it is working properly. Heaters may be expensive. Thus, understanding that it is working well can provide you with assurance.

Pool Accessories

Pools are, above all, meant to provide you with relaxation and lots of fun. Thus, they may have various accessories such as:

  • Fountain
  • Infinity edge
  • Diving board
  • Pool cover

Pool covers are among those accessories that are very helpful for maintenance and cleaning of pool areas. Generally, inspectors tend to inspect these items to ensure that you do not have to be in for any nasty surprise when you need such accessories in the future. Pool inspectors check slides and diving boards during swimming pool inspection to make sure that there is no deterioration or rust, or any sharp edge, which might lead to injuries. Most pool inspectors might also advise that you get rid of such features, due to the liabilities and possible risks.

swimming pool inspection

Remote Control and Automation Function

Advanced pools these days come with remote control, best pool robot, and automation features. These features may be tested by inspectors at the time of swimming pool inspection to ensure that they are properly working.

Tile and Decking

Much of the action occurs in the pool deck. During swimming pool inspection, inspectors check whether there are any stains or damages in the area, as in case of the remaining parts of the pool. These professionals also look hard and make sure that there is effective drainage for rainwater, and whether the decking has any patch or tilt. Inspectors find out whether the area which is directly around the swimming pool, also referred to as “coping”, is chipped – so that there is no debris or tripping hazard in the pool.

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