There come times when the workload leaps the brim and legs start to shake in panic. This is where companies start to worry about meeting the deadlines and serving the clients on time. There also are times when a company does not hold expertise in a particular area, but it needs to serve the client thus it hires another company. This all gets done to attract clients and retain them. Similar things happen in the case of SEO link building services . The companies looking to serve perfection in link building and SEO sometimes take help. This help is what we call white labelling. What is white label link building and SEO exactly? And is it really helpful in 2022? We’ll discuss this all.

White label is a marketing term where two companies get into a contract. It is necessary for the market to get running.

What is White Label SEO and Link Building?

Let’s keep things fair and simple. White Label is a marketing strategy where one expert company outsources some of its work to another expert company, without giving them any credit. The purpose of this remains to retain the client or to attract the client. This happens in SEO and Link Building services too. Here is a simple brief about the reasons behind white label marketing –

  • The company has a workload but it wants to retain its clientele. Thus, the company outsources some of its work.
  • The company is targeting a broad field in the market and it does not hold expertise in some areas. But to attract the client base, it outsources that work to some other expert company.

White Label SEO and Link Building!

White label link building and SEO means the company, which is providing white label SEO link building services, provides expert SEO and link building services to other companies without taking any credit for it. Though indeed they take the payment for the work done. Now, how necessary is it in today’s world? When do you need it? What are the implications if you go for it?

When do you need to outsource SEO and Link Building services?

There are times when you have a large clientele that you have to serve but do not have the time to serve. The reasons could be anywhere from a shortage of workforce to a recent tragedy. In this case, you’d not want to deny your clients. This leads to a loss of goodwill in the market. The best solution is always to outsource the work. However, one must make sure that the work getting outsourced is going to an expert company, otherwise, it will also lead to a loss of goodwill.

Another case where you might want to go for white label SEO Link Building services is when you want to attract a client and then retain it. For example, suppose you are in the SEO and link building industry and offer perfection in Link Building and SEO. You have many clients. But then a latest Google update comes that the quality of your web design will be impacting the SERP ranking. This will bring web design and development to an overall Digital Industry. Now, you’d not want your clients to go to another company. The chances could be that another company might be offering SEO and Link Building alongside web design too. This will make your client slip onto this company. This is where you’d want to grab the web design market too and capture the complete digital market. But you do not have the experts? So what? You outsource your work without giving them the credit.

But, not all SEO companies are the same and not all link building services fair. You need to know how to look for one to excel and gain in the market.

How to look for an SEO and Backlink agency?

When looking for an SEO and link building company, there are things that you must make sure of. The market is all full of scammers and you’d not even know if you are in the wrong hands. However, there are traits that most of the poor quality companies hold. All this scamming and spamming happens because the internet is naively new and there are no strong policies around. For example, when back around 2010 there were no strong Google algorithms to catch link farms and spam backlinks, companies were creating a pool of websites and then linking them to each other. This was called link farming. Furthermore, there were companies that were selling bulk backlinks at a terribly cheap price. For example, you might find people selling 300 backlinks at 30$. This is not at all possible if you think about it rationally for just a minute.

Google is a giant and it has terribly stronger engines working on making the internet a good place. It considers link building to be the prime ranking factor. It looks for fairness and perfection in link building. This is why companies invest millions of money to create a link building campaign. This is what happens generally in the real world too. Thus, if you are investing in link building, invest in genuine and expert companies. Taking spam backlinks and pointing them to your website does nothing but hurt your own website. The effect is so brutal that companies use this strategy to harm their competitors’ websites. We call this Negative SEO. It means you are buying very cheap backlinks in bulk and then pointing them to your competitor. This will lead to a fall in your competitor’s ranking. It is not a good practice. If you’ve been a victim of Negative SEO, use Google Disavow Tool to reject your relation to these spam links.

Feature to look for when hiring an SEO and backlink company!

  • Make sure that the company you are hiring holds perfection in link building and SEO. The company must be in the business for years.
  • Check their website and you’d be able to sense any suspicion.
  • Look at their portfolio and testimonials. Cross check it all if possible.
  • If a company is saying that they will guarantee you Google 1 spot within a month or two – not possible except a moment or two of luck.
  • Cheap backlinks, like 50-100 links in 50-100$, is a sign of spam.
  • The company is taking ownership of your social media handles and website on the papers. Know that taking an id password is a different thing.

All these signs must create suspicion in you. Thus, whenever looking for SEO and Link Building Services, make sure you check it all. The thing could be that you’d be investing in the wrong area and facing losses while in a vicious loop. Look for an expert alone. It might cost you a little bit extra, but sure you’ll reap the divine harvest in times to come. Expertise takes a little extra money and then returns many times more.

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