hat is the best material for women’s activewear    

When most women buy activewear, they often do not look at the label about the type of fabric used. The primary consideration has always been whether or not they will fit, or if they reveal too much. Everybody wants to show off without being too apparent because others will think of you as a showoff.

However, when you browse for women’s activewear online, you always want to look at the fabric. There are already so many physical activities out there, and nearly every one of them requires technical apparel.

Manufacturers are also investing billions into research to come up with a product that will help the user meet their goals–whether that is to win the medal in competitive sports or get a banging body.

Activewear brands can afford to invest in R&D since there is money to be had here. According to statistics, the women’s activewear industry was valued at $119 billion in 2017. But it is expected to reach $216 billion in 2025. The segment has a compound annual growth rate of 7.7% within the forecast period of 2018-2025.

Best Fabrics for Workout and Sports

  • Lycra — Those who might not be familiar with the term should only think about Spandex. The fabric has become known by its name after Invista trademarked it. One of the characteristics of the material is its extreme ability to stretch and recover. You can wear it countless times, and it still feels like new because it does not loosen. However, it can also be extremely tight, so you may have to wear a jersey, a pair of shorts, or skirts if you are a modest type.
  • Dri-Fit — Although the term is used to refer to fabrics that dry up quickly, it’s another trademarked term by Nike. The excellent wicking capability of the garment is nearly unparalleled, which is why it’s trendy among performance athletes.
  • Supplex — This is another synthetic material brought to the market by Invista, maker of Spandex. Supplex has excellent wicking capability and is exceptionally breathable. The colour also does not fade as quickly, even if you are always exposed to the sun.
  • Nylon — The material is popular among runners looking for activewear online. It dries quickly and also extremely stretchy. The best part is that the fabric is breathable, which helps them cool down even when they have been running for hours under the sun.
  • Polyester — The synthetic fibre is almost tailor-fit for women athletes and fitness enthusiasts. It does not retain water and is very lightweight. It’s also quite durable, so you can throw it into the washer after your workout multiple times without worrying about any significant damage. Polyester can also help repel the harmful UV rays.

If you’re going to work out during winter or in colder climates, you can also opt for Merino wool as the fabric. The fibre is antimicrobial, breathable, and warm. So, it’s perfect for lower temperatures. It is also smoother than the traditional wool and typically mixed with Spandex material for improved recovery.

Those are the materials you need to look out for when you are trying to buy women’s activewear online. However, make sure that you prioritise comfort first over anything else.