What is NBN & How Will It Affect Australian Businesses?

what is nbn

In 2009, the Australian government unveiled its plan to provide a fast internet connection throughout the country.

Known as the National Broadband Network — NBN for short — this ambitious $43 billion project is said to help all Australian businesses, whether small and big.  

What is NBN?

NBN is all about service providers that will keep 93% of Australia connected with internet speeds of 100 megabits per second. In essence, the program aims to provide reliable, fast, and low-cost connections through various Australian-based NBN network specialists

Before introducing this project, the speed of broadband services was markedly slower due to its copper wire infrastructure. To change this, the new Aussie broadband system that uses faster-conducting fibre cables will be available in areas with more than 1,000 customers. 

As for smaller towns in Australia, the internet service provider will ensure that the area has satellite and wireless access, albeit at a slower NBN speed. 

How Will NBN Services Affect Australian Businesses?

NBN internet providers offer various benefits for all types of Australian customers, such as the following.

Lower Operational Costs

For small to medium-sized enterprises (SME), NBN plans can lower the overhead cost of utilities per month. At the same time, you don’t have to pay for an Optus phone line service, as employees can always start a business call online. 

If you’re the owner, you may save a higher cost in the end. Now, you can outsource processes like customer service with no fuss. 

Better Business Opportunities

An SME can also enjoy better business opportunities with NBN network specialists based in Australia. 

With a fast connection speed, employees can provide better customer service every month. They can respond to queries faster and give the clients the information they want. 

More Integrated Services

Some programs can’t be used properly without fast speeds. With an NBN provider, you can finally maximize the cost of online tools you obtained in the previous months. 

Global Advantage

As this broadband technology is not available in any other address or location, this data plan puts Australian businesses at a competitive advantage. Because of this premium internet, local companies can serve their global clients at the best speed possible. 

Improved Productivity

NBN speeds can also boost the company’s productivity, as employees don’t have to rely on slow mobile connections. They don’t have to endure hours of downloading data every month, which means they can do more important business activities as planned. 

It can also improve team collaboration, thus allowing the members to meet the monthly targets without fail. 

Enhanced Worker Safety

A speedy mobile connection is a plus during this pandemic. With your unlimited data monthly contract, employees can work from home, call a customer, and safely attend virtual meetings. 

Business-Dedicated NBN Provider Services 

NBN providers are all about business growth in Australia, which means it is dedicated to giving you the customer service you need. 

If you have any concerns about the monthly contract period, data speed, or cost, you can always contact the 24/7 internet provider call centre in Melbourne. They can help you with the best fixes so that you finally get the end speed you want. 

How to Seek the Service of an NBN Provider

The first thing you need to do is check your address on the website and find contract providers in your area. 

As no two businesses are the same, the website will recommend unlimited plans based on the applications you use, your data and phone call needs, and the support you may require. 

Once this is all set, you can change your standard plan and switch to the best NBN solution for your needs. 

NBN Set-Up Tips for Businesses 

To make the most out of your unlimited data contract cost every month, make sure to follow these optimization tips: 

  • See to it that your call devices and software are compatible.
  • Change your modem, especially if it was the first one you’ve used since 2009 or if it was specially made for ADSL connections. For best results, start using a modem that can handle 16-50 devices in any given period. 
  • Avoid placing your modem at the end of cement/brick walls, metal panels, mirrors, shelves, and large household appliances. 

Are There Any Drawbacks to Getting NBN Plans? 

The only downside you’ll find here is that the monumental project will take some time. You may have to wait for 12 months to get the unlimited data speed you have always wanted, especially if you live in a remote part of Australia. 

The service is already set in New South Wales, Slacks Creek, Merrimac, and Redcliffe. As for the other towns, standard data and phone plans are still in place. 

If you plan to start a business, an NBN contract is the first thing you should prioritize this month. Despite the cost, this change can help you deliver your planned services seamlessly.