What Are the Various Types of Building Inspections?

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In some countries like the United States, tenant inspections are a regular part of life. They figure prominently in what types of buildings and rentals people can live in. In other places, they’re not mandatory or required at all. However, a building inspector must inspect certain kinds of buildings before construction can begin.

These inspections vary depending on the type of structure; the inspection requirements can vary significantly. The building inspections Sydney aims to ensure that designs meet certain legal or code requirements and are safe for occupancy. Here are the various types of building reviews that can help you learn more about this concept.

  1. Incompliance inspection – When there is a discrepancy between what was intended and built, this type of building inspection will occur during the construction process.These inspections are also called “nonconformity inspections” and are typically performed by code enforcement agencies. This type of inspection is required before the building can become occupied.
  2. Pre-Construction – These inspections occur when construction workers must submit plans for approval before the project can begin.An architect, engineer, or building contractor usually conducts this type of inspection.
  3. Construction – In most cases, construction inspectors are required to periodically check on the progress of projects during a given time frame. In addition, construction inspectors determine if the structure is being built correctly and according to specific code requirements.
  4. Post-Construction – This type of building inspection occurs after construction has been completed. It is a final inspection to determine if the structure meets code requirements and is safe for occupancy.
  5. Re-Inspection – If a structure is built and then many modifications are made to the original plans, it is possible the system will no longer meet code requirements or may need to be inspected again.
  6. Special Inspection – Some building inspections are required by the state, such as inspections of elevators, fire alarm systems, and other complex components of buildings. Another example includes property located in flood-prone areas where a review will be needed before construction can begin.

In some countries, building inspections Sydney aren’t required, but they are still essential to ensure that structures meet all codes and legal requirements. In addition to the types of appraisals listed above, other building inspections can be required, such as safety checks after an earthquake or other disaster.

Building Inspections are, in some cases, done more frequently than needed. Try to pay attention to the points mentioned to understand the various building inspections better and consider the best one.

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