what are the pros and cons of physical therapy?
Physical Therapy

Physical therapy is a procedure of helping people of all ages suffering from any medical condition, injury or illness. The therapy help people in getting back to their lives and start living their regular life. Customized physical therapy can help patients to get rid of their physical disabilities and return to their daily activities. However, physical therapy is not everyone’s first choice for getting treatment. People who suffered injuries and some chronic pains prefer surgeries to physical therapies as they need quick solutions. They believe that surgery is a faster and effective method of treating their problem. However, there are numerous advantages of physiotherapy castle hill that can be effective as other ways of treating any ailment.

Why Do We Need Physical Therapy?

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Most of the time physical therapy is required for people who fall in the category; athletes, kids with physical issues, middle age, older age people, chronic disease patients, or people who need to undergo surgery.

Some of the common therapies that can help in treating people who are suffering from;

  • Strokes
  • Fractures
  • Spinal cord injuries
  • Sports Injuries
  • Arthritis

Does physical therapy work?

Yes, physical therapy works. If people say it doesn’t work, it’s because their therapist prescribed them ineffective treatment. For example, their lots of therapies that are suggested on the patient’s condition; including exercise and manual therapy, wound care therapy, and so on. This is the therapist’s job to listen carefully to what the patient is going through and suggest the best treatment to solve the problem.

Here Are Some Of The Pros And Cons Of Physical Therapy That Everyone Must Know.


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Reduce or eliminate pain. 

Physical therapy techniques such as Therapeutic exercise or manual therapy can help joint and soft tissue treatment. Whereas ultrasound, taping and electrical stimulation therapies are beneficial in relieving pain and restoration of muscles that eventually can reduce pain. These therapies make sure that treated pain won’t return.

Avoid surgery

If you get healed or eliminate pain by physical therapy only, the need for surgery might have vanished. And if surgery is required, you must get some extra benefits from the pre-surgical physical therapy sessions. You would be recovering faster after going through the right physical therapy.

Improve mobility. 

If you are facing problems during walking, moving despite your age, some physical therapy can help you in treating this problem. There are stretching and strengthening exercises that help you in restoring your mobility health. A physical therapist can customize an individual care plan after getting a proper history and medical test of the patient.

 Sports injury

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The physical therapist understands well about how physical activity and sports can increase the risk of specific injuries, including fractures for runners. You can get an appropriate recovery course or some advice to prevent such injuries before jumping into the ground.

Women’s Health

Women have particular health issues related to their pregnancies and post-partum care. There is the specialized management of treating these issues that are directly connected to women’s health. You can also go for treatments including; breast cancer, constipation, fibromyalgia, lymphedema, pelvic pain, and urinary incontinence.

Recover from a stroke

Losing movement of some body parts is common once you have a stroke. And then comes the physical therapy that can help you in strengthening the weaker part of your body. A physical therapist can help such patients to move around their bed so they can do their tasks independently. Such therapy can be helping them in reducing their burden of dressing, bathing and some other activities of daily life.

Age-related issues

Arthritis and osteoporosis are the major physical ailments that appear to old people, as they age. To help in alleviating such patients, physical therapy can help them in reducing their pain and get recovered from the problem. In older age, there are higher chances of getting knee, hip or joint replacement needed. And obviously, the osteoporosis and arthritis can be managed through physical therapy.

Physical therapies are safer for old patients because they can be treated with the alternatives and keep them safe from undergoing any joint replacement surgery.

Manage heart and lung disease

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It is also proved that patients are suffering from cardiovascular problems by treating them through particular cardiac therapies. After a heart attack, physical therapies are used in the recovery process and aid the patient in getting back to their daily activities. This falls in the rehabilitation process, and this needs a physical therapist to recover yourself as soon as possible.


Besides all of the above-discussed pros of getting physical therapies, your course might have a variety of cons. One can abate these side effects by addressing them timely.

Pain with Gain

The topmost cons of physical therapy are pain, as you start recovering your actual pain might increase. And this is the major reason that misleads patients and demotivates them to leave the therapy. This is important to discuss such issues with your therapist to switch to some alternative treatments if possible.

Your physical therapist may recommend your oral pain medication 30 min before the therapy. You can also go for heat, ice and some tropical therapies that can help reduce pains after a session.

Lack of Outcome

After any involvement of medical treatment besides physical therapy, there is no guarantee of getting recovered from the problem completely. This can discourage you as you are investing time and money but can’t see the results that are expected, and you will finally leave the therapy. Though leaving therapy ahead of time can result in long term pain. It’s essential to stay in touch and let the therapist complete the procedure. You can discuss with your therapist that these are your personal goals, and during your conversation, try to be very specific and don’t drag. This can help your therapist to direct the treatment to achieve your set goal. Or you will be asked to change your lifestyle to see the outcomes in a better and early form.


One of the worst cons of physical therapy is swelling. Because, the therapist would be trying his hard to strengthen your muscles, ligaments, and tendons. In response to these actions, your body may respond with swelling and more edema. And edema is the main cause of some additional pain to your body and limiting the body to function well. And that’s the reason some patients think the therapy went wrong and they end their treatment.

You can speak to your therapist if you are facing swelling about using ice post-therapy. Or using hot then cold therapy to reduce swelling that can control pain by improving the blood circulation.

Pyscho-Emotional Issues

The patient might experience some psychological and emotional stress during the therapy sessions. Sometimes repeated appointments, pain, slow progress and the long session can make the patient feeling ill and short-tempered. You can discuss all these matters with your therapist, family, and friends. And ask help to take care of your house chores, food making, and transportation; so you can comfortably focus on the therapy.


It’s natural to feel some nervousness when you will be visiting a physical therapist for the first time as people hesitate in making an appointment with a psychiatrist.

They have lots of questions; what will happen? Will physical therapy hurt me?

But these feelings can wipe away once you meet your therapist and start working on your goals.