What Are the Key Differences Between Piano And Keyboard?

what are the key differences between piano and keyboard?

Nothing has the power to generate Piano Magic Perth like the incredible sound of a piano. Besides, the piano is still relevant today, and even the best synthesizers fail to stand up to it. But piano can play only one sound, and that’s why today we see the proliferation of keyboards in the market.

Keyboards give you limitless options to explore and innovate. Besides, it comes within your budget. Unlike pianos, keyboards are portable and easy to set up during a concert. So, can you create the exact Piano Magic Perth with keyboards? To find out, you need to understand the differences between the two.

Difference In The Keys

The primary difference between piano and keyboard is with the keys themselves. Piano keys are heavier and carry the weight of the hammers. So, playing pianos feel more organic, as the pressure applied affects the dynamics. However, it gives you more control in terms of musicality.

Keyboards are also fast catching up with touch-sensitive models in the market. But yet, they fail to match the capabilities of the piano. Besides, keyboard keys are lighter than piano keys, which makes it easier for beginners.

Durability And Maintenance

The 240- year old piano, owned by the First Duke of Wellington, was played in 2013 at the Apsley House In London. It gives you a window into the ability of pianos to create Piano Magic Perth even after so many centuries. After all, pianos can last hundreds of years if you properly maintain the instrument. However, maintaining a piano is no small feat and doesn’t fall under DIY, making it an expensive musical piece.

Keyboards too can last decades if you buy an expensive item. But they require less maintenance than pianos and are only a matter of keeping them clean and not overloading the electrical outlets.

Functions And Weight

Pianos are heavy, and there’s no second opinion about it. Even the smallest ones weigh around 400-500 lbs, and larger ones can go up to 1200 lbs. It’s the same size as a polar bear, so you can easily imagine the weight. Besides, moving a piano is tough if you are planning to shift. You will need exceptional support to move a piano.

Keyboards are lighter in contrast. So, it is easier to carry even by a single person. Setting up a keyboard is also more straightforward, and you can transport them in a small truck.

Also, the keyboard beats the piano in terms of flexibility. That’s because if you want to create Piano Magic Perth, you only have one note to do so. On the other hand, you can alter the sound of the keyboard to suit all sorts of musical needs.

Difference In Price

The most brazen difference between a piano and a keyboard is, of course, the price. Traditional pianos start in the thousands and can hit the five-digit mark. That’s why pianos are outside the reach of beginners and many music players.

Digital keyboards offer flexibility in pricing. You can purchase a beginner one for less than one thousand dollars. However, the higher-end pro instruments can flex your pockets.

Should You Buy A Piano Or Keyboard?

If you want to create the original Piano Magic Perth, you need to purchase a piano. For a piano teacher, a traditional piano player is a better fit. It also depends on several factors like:

  • Budget
  • Proficiency level
  • Available space
  • Intended purpose

So, if you are a music teacher who regularly performs at concerts, purchasing a piano is the best idea. But if you are a novice, start with a keyboard and create Piano Magic Perth at your home.