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A star of trendy exteriors, the shade veil pleases for an infinite number of reasons. We love it for its versatility and its ease of integration. If you are still wondering about the advantages of this shading accessory, you need to wait for a follow the following points.

Enjoy your outdoors without getting sunburned

The main benefit of having an outdoor space is that you can take full advantage of it when the sunny days are there. The concern is that prolonged exposure to the sun is harmful. It is, therefore, necessary to provide adequate protection, and this is precisely the interest of a commercial shade sails. Stretched between several supports, it does not clutter the space, and yet it allows you to stay in the shade.

The installation of the shade sail is done according to the course of the sun. You can, therefore, adjust it so as to protect yourself effectively at the time slots where you enjoy your garden or your terrace.

Privacy from your neighbours

The shade sail does not only provide shade! It also gives you a more intimate space. Depending on how and where you put it, the veil can act as a privacy screen. This is particularly practical when large buildings surround your house. The neighbours living on the upper floors have a breathtaking view of your garden as soon as they stand by their window or when they enjoy their balconies and terrace.

Your tanning sessions, evenings spent with your loved ones, family meals… nothing escapes the strangers who live around you! Even if the neighbours do not necessarily want to spy on you, the configuration of the different constructions harms your privacy.

It’s simple. You locate the areas exposed to prying eyes and install your shade sail taking this parameter into account. Note that it is quite possible to place the veil vertically to remedy the problems of joint ownership.

You are cut off from the wind

Even if the sun hits hard, the wind can also invite itself and spoil your pleasure. You have probably already identified the most exposed areas. You need to install a shade veil which will then act as a windbreak. You will no longer fear that the tablecloth will fly away in the middle of a meal that the cups will end up on the ground….

Being protected from the wind is also pleasant when you want to take a nap outside. Sit on your hammock, lounge chair or other furniture of your choice and enjoy the warmth. No burning and dazzling rays, no wind, isn’t that the promise of a peaceful moment?

A decorative and design touch

Impossible not to notice the decorative note instilled by the shade sails. They allow you to skillfully play with light and shade depending on how they are installed. In addition, shade sails are independent. This means that you do not have to attach them to your walls. It is possible to plant posts or use trees as fixing supports. That is not all because these accessories harmonize very well with different styles. Whether you have created a dry garden, a patio, or you have chosen a completely different trend, shade sails will be able to integrate into the decor.

On the design side, we greatly appreciate the lightness of these accessories. Unlike shelters built in traditional materials such as wood or brick, shade sails do not shrink the space. They bring a modern and elegant note at the same time. If you plan to fix at different heights, you will be able to modify the appearance of each shade sail as you wish.

A 100% customizable element

There are shade sails ready to install, but you can also order to offer yourself an accessory that adapts perfectly to your exterior. You choose the shape that suits you by specifying the dimensions. You then select the fabric (mesh) and colour. If you wish, it is entirely possible to turn to a printed shade veil to optimize personalization.

As you can see, a shade veil has many advantages. Adaptable to your desires and the style of your exterior, it protects you from the sun, the wind and prying eyes!

Take wind exposure into account before installing your shade cloth

If you live in an area subject to frequent and strong winds, you will need to take this weather factor into account. To shade a large area, prefer the addition of several small sails to the installation of a single large one. It is an effective way of avoiding the exposure of too large a canvas surface to the force of the wind. It is also an opportunity to design the most aesthetic assembly! Thanks to the elasticity of the polyester that composes them, some shade sails have wind resistance much higher than that of other less suitable models. Thus, you benefit from perfect products to bring a little shade without having to fear the first blow of mistral or the early summer squall.

Choosing a good value for money to choose your shade sail

The price of a shade sail is undoubtedly one of its great assets. Much cheaper than an awning, or even a high-end parasol, a pleasant shade sail is usually displayed between 90 and 300 dollars. As always with garden equipment, by definition exposed to the weather, we strongly advise you to choose the quality.

Below this range, the too low density of the fabric will not allow it to last over time, and ultimately you will lose. For example, some offer triangular sails from $130, and a large square sail (4 × 4) from $259. At this price, you get the best of shade sail: impeccable manufacturing quality, a particularly resistant fabric which is not likely to tear, and trendy colours. In addition, there is no need for professional intervention to install it — a significant saving.

Be advised to choose the right shade sail

Ultimately, we cannot improvise either as a decorator nor handyman. So, if necessary, do not hesitate to ask for advice. In the sales area, the department manager concerned should be able to advise you on the technical level so as to guide you towards a high-performance product. Finally, a serious manufacturer present online must be able to answer all your questions.

Have you decided to buy?

Do you want to buy your shade sail online?

Many companies offer you to place an order and pay for it securely. You will be delivered in just five days. In accordance with the Consumer Code, you have 14 days to give up your purchase finally. If you have any questions, a team will go out of their way to help you choose the shade sail that suits you perfectly.

Stretched in the middle of a garden between several trees or wooden or aluminium masts, the shade sail offers a relaxation area in harmony with nature. Very trendy, the shade sail has many advantages.


As experts in this field, companies offer you the best of productions: a sheer curtain that will last for many seasons to provide you with beautiful moments under its elegant protection!

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