what are cable connectors and how are they useful?

Connectors, as the name states, their functionality is for connecting, but where and what devices can be connected is what we will come to know in this article. First let’s begin to know about connectors, their meaning, and their sole purpose. Cable connectors are the tiny circuits that are designed and attached to the cables. That part of the cable is attached to the port or the interface. These connecting cables are expected to connect one device with the other.

Is There Any Differentiation In The Connectors?

Connecting cables are designed in two variations that are male and female connectors. Easier to identify male and female connectors with one differentiation is that male connectors consist of one or more number of pins, while when female connectors can be identified with their design. Female connectors do not contain pin, but they consist of holes into which male connector pins are inserted. So, cable connectors, either male or female, are connected to the device with the type of port present on the device.

Are There Different Types Of Connectors?

what are cable connectors and how are they useful?

Connectors are of different types and each of them has a specified usage. So, here are the different types of connectors.

  • DIN connector

DIN connectors are widely used in networking equipment, such as routers. These connectors are more popularly used in the personal computers for connecting Monitor and keyboard devices.

  • USB -C connectors

USB – C connectors are designed specifically for USB devices that are small in size and are reversible plug connectors. The main purpose of these USB -C cable connectors is that they are used for transferring data quickly from mobile to other devices, charging mobiles and to power up USB devices. The other functionality of these connectors is used for displaying via HDMI, Displayport, and VGA.

  • BNC connectors

BNC connectors are designed to be used along with the coaxial cables. These are specifically used for connecting monitors, and their usage increases the accuracy of the video signals received. These again come in two types: female and male BNC connectors.

  • Edge Connector

Edge connectors are the other type of connectors that are designed on the circuit board only. These connectors have metallic tracks used for electrical connections.

  • Chassis Intrusion connector

Chassis intrusion connectors are those that are designed on the motherboards only using chassis components.

  • IP67 connectors

IP67 connectors are designed to be used in harsh environmental conditions. These rugged cable connectors are dust and waterproof.

  • Power connectors

Power connectors are used for the transfer of electrical power to AC or DC sources. They are mostly used for system communication.

How Are Cable Connectors Useful in Various Applications?

what are cable connectors and how are they useful?

Connectors are useful in a wide range of applications and are specifically used in electronic or network equipment, especially for the transmission of power or digital data. It depends on the usage and where it is needed to be applied. The places where cable connectors have high usage are military, space, medical and consumer electronics. Connectors come in various sizes and shapes, and their selection needs to be done upon the type of usage.

Connectors, when purchasing, need to be chosen upon factors such as reliability, durability, high quality, and standardized design. These factors make their usage for longer periods of time. In this way, cable connectors are used in our day-to-day life in various devices for connecting, which can range from personal computers, TV, routers and all the latest electronic equipment.