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After endless discussions with my friends in Australia about French style, I am trying to define the je ne sais quoi, the lifestyle à la française, my crushes and my rants, the anecdotes of a little Frenchy in the lucky country… It was definitely time for me to start writing about the French essence in a blog.

This blog speaks to all lovers of French culture, francophiles, French, everyone. Through this blog, I share with you the discreet charm of my culture. I write about Style (definitely prefer this word than fashion) and what makes up the myth of the French style, I will talk also about Art de Vivre (lifestyle) art, culture, gastronomy and wine; and I interview for you a personality who has a special affinity with the French culture.

And of course, I wouldn’t be a Frenchwoman without having topics about flirting, French kisses, and relationships. After all, this blog wouldn’t be complete without a pinch of cheekiness.

And because I also want to be closer with you, Fren’Chic Touch is also about individual and corporates services such as: 

Since I have lived in Australia, the distance from France has made me understand France and my origins a lot more. My view on my own country has become softer, and at the same time, sharper. In spite of all the sad events that have happened recently, these have allowed me to appreciate how much I love my France.

A huge merci to my close people who support my French craziness, to my friends in France, in Australia and other parts of the world, to my followers on social medias… Oui thank you for encouraging me to follow my dreams… and most of all for believing in me.

I do hope you will have the pleasure navigating on this website and reading my articles, finding ideas, and to be transported to France.

Welcome to my French world.

Tout mon amour.

All my love