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Sunday, May 22, 2022

Wedding Makeup: It’s All About the Eyes



It’s said that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Other people say that the eyes are the windows to the soul. So yes, there definitely is something in beauty and the eyes, and that is probably why we are constantly trying to find ways to enhance them and make them more appealing. Some even go the extra mile and opt for microblading, taking care of the whole upper-face package. However, you don’t have to go big in order to accentuate your eyes, especially because every single eye is beautiful. Now, if your wedding day is just around the corner, then you know what body part you should focus on. Not only will he remember your attire for the rest of his life, but also the way you look at him and your eyes in general. Ladies, take a couple of minutes, take notes and dazzle everyone with your eyes!

Use a high-quality eye shadow

The first thing that you should do is use a high-quality eye shadow. If you’re following Jeffree Star, you know that fallout is extremely important. If you don’t, then first of all, what are you waiting for and secondly, go and see which eye shadows are Jeffree Star approved so you don’t make any poor choices for your big day. You can also opt for any eye shadow palette by Jeffree Star Cosmetics as they are known to have minimal fallout and are very pigmented, which is exactly the thing you need for your wedding day. In order to make the best out of your look, don’t forget to prime your eyes with a good primer.

Know how to apply the mascara

Obviously, nothing would be possible without a bit of mascara. Even if you have amazing eyelashes, it would be such a shame not to emphasize them a bit more. However, since it’s your wedding day, it would be very advisable to know exactly how to apply the mascara like a pro. First of all, you need to choose the right mascara for you – do you want to add more length or volume to your lashes? You should also make sure that you use a waterproof one as you will probably be crying a river (as it’s quite an overwhelming occasion) and you don’t want to stain your wedding dress.

Consider eyelash serums

Speaking of eyelashes, there are many people who use eyelash serums, but it’s still a territory that might seem risky to many. Using a good serum like Lash Boost serum is definitely a good idea if you have your mind set on a natural lash length and a fabulous seductive look. There are plenty of products on the market, but make sure that you use high-quality ones and apply them once a day. If you skip a day, forget to apply them or simply run out of the serum, don’t worry. Nothing bad can happen apart from the fact that your lashes will return to normal. If you start using the eyelash serum a couple of days before the wedding and add a bit of mascara on the actual day your eyes will most certainly look amazing. It’s definitely an option that you should try out and see how it works for you.

Getting rid of red eyes

How to get rid of those red eyes due to a lot of crying? You might say now that you will be too distracted to cry, but more than 95% of brides cry like crazy on their wedding day! Moreover, crying is not the only reason why someone might have red eyes on their wedding day. A short-term option would be to use artificial tears that will lubricate your eyes and keep them clean. You might ask why use artificial tears if you’re already going to cry on your wedding day – they will prevent the redness of your eyes that would otherwise be caused by your actual tears. So, trust us, and put a bottle on your to-bring list!

This is it our dear ladies – the perfect recipe for amazing and magical eyes. Your wedding day should definitely be all about your eyes, and the whole makeup look should be focused on your eyes as this is what will attract the attention of people. Everything else – the lips, the blush, the nails and the hairdo are just extras. May you have an amazing wedding celebration!