Many parents find themselves with samples and cans of leftover baby formula. Whether they received it as a gift, had to switch types because of digestive issues, or simply ended up with extra when their little one transitioned to cow’s milk, this extra formula shouldn’t go to waste. 

You have options when it comes to that leftover baby formula. Even expired or opened baby formula can have many uses, so don’t let it go to waste. Read on to find out what to do with your leftover baby formula.

  1. Donate It

The best infant formula is free infant formula, especially for a mom in need. Baby formula is expensive, so donating any unopened, unexpired tins is a great way to get rid of the formula you don’t need. 

Contact local women’s pregnancy and crisis centers to find out if they are accepting formula donations or post the formula for free on Facebook or some other social media platform. You’ll likely get rid of it quickly because there’s always someone who can use it. 

  1. Return It

If you have unopened cans of infant formula, you can try to return them to the store you bought them from. Depending on how long ago you bought it and whether you have the receipt or not, the store may issue a refund or give you in-store credit. To find out if the store will accept your unused baby formula, call ahead and inquire about their policy. 

  1. Give It to a Friend or Neighbor

If a friend or neighbor has recently had a baby, you might be able to give them your leftover baby formula. Since they know you, they might even be willing to accept already-opened cans of formula. This is a great option as it lets you help another mother lower her baby expenses for a short time, and you know the formula is going to someone who will use it and appreciate it. 

  1. Give It to an Animal Shelter

In some cases, baby formula can be used in place of specialized formula to feed animals. Since most animal shelters run off donations from the community, they will be happy to receive your gift of leftover baby formula. Just call ahead to find out if your local shelter is accepting baby formula before you drop it at their door. 

  1. Mix It into Other Foods

If you have formula your baby doesn’t like, or if they are in the process of transitioning to solid foods, you can mix leftover formula into yogurt, cereal, and any other unheated foods to increase the nutritional value. Remember, the formula must be unexpired for this to be a viable option, so be sure to check the expiration date if it’s been a while or the tin has been opened. 

  1. Fertilize Your Garden

If you have expired baby formula, don’t throw it out. All those nutrients and minerals that nurture your baby can also nurture your garden or your houseplants. It also makes for a great vitamin supplement for chicken feed if you keep backyard chickens. 

A word of caution: Never feed expired baby formula to babies. The risk of illness is too high. If you have expired formula and no garden or chickens to feed it to, just throw it out. 

Many parents find themselves with leftover baby formula for one reason or another. Rather than throwing it away, try any of the options above to make good use of it.

Feature Image by RODNAE Productions/Pexels

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