Video marketing isn’t a fad; you need to get serious about it as a startup. In case you don’t know already, video marketing is one of the tools you’ll need to accelerate your growth as a startup. While growth is difficult for startups, you can experience massive growth through this stellar marketing strategy by keying into the technology of video production.

We believe that startups stand a lot to benefit by focusing on video marketing. There’s a reason why videos are an integral part of many bluechip’s companies’ marketing plans, and it’s because of its many favorable statistics. Imagine racking up conversions by at least 80% just because of the presence of videos on your landing page.

In this piece, we’ll provide you with the video marketing tips you’ll need to raise awareness, create engagement and drive conversion for your startup; 

1. Incorporate Stories into Your Videos

Everyone loves good stories, including you. Your target audience would also enjoy a good story.

You must take advantage of stories to lure in your audience and keep them interested in your product and services. It’s not enough to want to introduce your startup and product; find a way to tell them about it using a story.

Develop a story about how your startup is impacting your community, or describe how your existing customers depend on your startup to make a difference. Don’t share videos without a story.

2. Use Videos To Show The Human Side of Your Startup

There’s no better avenue to show your target audience the personality of your business than via video marketing. No one wants to watch a boring video, so tell a story about your company culture.

Think of what makes your startup different and highlight them in your videos. Your target audience is likely to be able to connect with you if your content is perceived as engaging and full of life.

If a video does not show the human side of your business, you have no business creating it.

3. Always Include Call To Action in Your Videos

No matter the purpose of a video, it’s important that you add a call to action.

If you want them to visit your website, click a button, or do anything, include it in the video. The story in the video might carry away your target audience; you need to remind them why you want to watch the video in the first instance.

Adding a call to action isn’t rocket science, and it has the power of sparking conversations and conversions.

If possible, include texts in your video reminding them of your startup website.

4. Make Use of Customer Generated Contents

When your customers see themselves on your page, they will likely share the videos with their family and friends. That’s how videos go viral, and it’s for the benefit of your startup.

Encourage your customers to make videos using your products and services; you should then share these videos on your channels. Remember to tag these customers and encourage them to share also.

This implies that your video content will find its way to the newsfeed of thousands of people. The more, the better for your brand; it’s about increasing your reach.

5. Optimize Your Videos For Search Engine

It’s not enough to have an amazing video; you must also make your videos searchable. By not optimizing your video for search engines, there’s a lot you’re missing out on.

Search is currently big on Google and YouTube; Facebook is also fast becoming a search tool. Ensure that you include research keywords appropriately in your video title.

Every video must also have a description; it’s also a place where you should place your keywords.

7. Learn to Collaborate with Influencers

People are fast relying on peer recommendations than any ads. You should include partnering with influencers as a part of your video marketing strategy.

Let your video be shared and posted by these influencers, and you’ll be surprised at the results.

When these influencers share your video, your target audience will perceive your brand as genuine.

Final Thoughts

As you implement video marketing, you need to be serious about implementing these tips.

Your startup can no longer afford to downplay the potency of video marketing; you will be building a startup that succeeds today and in the future.

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