Video Marketing 101

video marketing 101

Whether you’re a large business or a small business, video marketing should be an essential pillar supporting your overall marketing plan. We’re here to help.

By The Numbers

Video represents 80% of consumer Internet traffic. Let’s state that again. Video represents 80% of consumer Internet traffic! Further, a majority of viewers want more video content from the brands they love. Viewers also retain over 90% of the information delivered in a video. And video drives increased traffic to websites, and improves organic search. Google weighs relevant video content favorably in their search results. Compare that with the statistic that a mere 22% of Millennials want more emails from the brands they depend on. So, where do you think we recommend focusing your advertising efforts?

Let’s talk ROI.

Over half of marketers believe video has the best return on investment of any marketing content. Videos may cost more than other marketing assets, but they can be produced to be evergreen.  Further, they can be distributed across your social network and on YouTube and Vimeo.

Social Media Sites Favor Video

Posts on Facebook that include video garner 1.4x the reach of posts without. And videos on social media generate 12x the number of shares that traditional text and image-based posts deliver. Every social media platform now includes the ability to upload video assets.

Content Ideas

Where to get started? Definitely include video on your website’s index page. Sadly, no one reads anymore. This anchor video can include messaging about your company’s mission, employees, past and present clients and, of course, your products and services. Include video links in the body of your traditional outbound emails. Again, no one reads any more. Integrate testimonials from your clients across your social media universe. Turn your site into a destination for information about a particular topic that is relevant to your business. This will drive a virtuous cycle of content, traffic and new business.  Rinse and repeat!

Creating Effective Videos

Understand your audience. Do they just want product information? Create a series of simple product videos.  Do they want to be reassured about the company’s owners? Interview your management team.  Do they want to see prior work to better understand the nature and quality of your products and services. Testimonials work well if this is the demand.  How will you best convert your viewers into customers? Are you targeting a YouTube audience with an attention span of less than 60 seconds? If so, then Instagram TV could be an ideal platform. Facebook Live can be a great venue for 1-2-1 selling. Profile your “buyer personas” and get rolling.

What Is Your CTA

Without a pre-defined Call To Action, your content make lack direction. Your entire video project’s purpose should be pointing toward that closing CTA. What do you want your viewers to do after they’ve watched your awesome content. Do you want to increase your social media engagement, accrue new signups on your mailing list, drive brand awareness, or simply increase sales.

How About SEO

In a word, yes. Video increases your organic search placement. Why? Because Google’s algorithm favors video content over plain text. Further, you’ll want to get your video indexed on YouTube. Why? Because YouTube is the #2 search engine and is owned by Google, the #1 search engine.  Creating video content for SEO will also become a virtuous cycle.   

Is Video Mobile?

We think so. Cinephiles used to mock watching movies and TV on mobile devices. Today it’s commonplace and even expected. Video is more easily consumed on mobile than is text. This is yet another reason to devote time and effort toward creating great video content. 

Can I Just Make A Commercial

Yes! Commercials work well on any platform.  And if done well, you will find an audience for your content, brand and messaging.

Need Help?

Reach out to Capitola Media today.  We are a full-service video production company in San Francisco, and our agency is ready to help you produce compelling and cost-effective video content. 

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