victoria’s hottest wages in 2020 revealed

MELBOURNE. Victorians working in specialist digital, technology and marketing roles are set
for wage windfalls in 2020, thanks to a wave of investment in digital, change and regulatory projects in Victoria’s private and public sectors, according to the 2020 Robert Walters Salary Survey.

Robert Walters, Victorian Director, James Dalrymple said, “The ‘big three themes’ of data,
cloud computing and digital security represent half of the biggest growth wages in both
permanent and contract markets in Victoria this year. As a result Information Security Lead, Agile Product Owner and Cloud Engineer roles will see strong demand, resulting in
substantial wage growth of more than 10%.”

In other areas of the employment market, it will be a case of winners and losers, with some roles in the same industry experiencing vastly different wage growth prospects next year.

“In the marketing, sales and communication industry the top wage for growth of 15% in the state’s permanent market is set to be a data-driven marketing role, while a more junior role, such as a marketing executive could see a 5% correction in their wage.

“Quality candidates are in short supply, especially in the product, data and analytical skill
areas so there is naturally going to be a supply and demand issue. We are also seeing a shift in budgets and priorities for organisations.

“For example, in the marketing area, we are witnessing a shift towards allocating budget to
specialised data and product roles at the expense of generalist marketing roles, such as
marketing executives.” said Mr Dalrymple.

In the financial services and banking industries, total salary packages will correct in line with revised remuneration models being adopted by companies following the Banking Royal
Commission. In some organisations, fixed salaries may increase, however, this will be
countered by lower discretionary payments, such as long and short term bonuses and other

“We expect most junior and mid-level positions will get a pay rise but it may be a different
story at the executive level,” Mr Dalrymple said.

The Robert Walters 2020 Salary Survey can be downloaded at