vaping versus other ways to quit smoking

For a lot of people using an electronic cigarette, NZ is a way to quit smoking, especially when other attempts and methods have been less successful.  This type of cigarette uses a vapour that is then heated which you inhale. Hence the term vaping. When it comes to trying to stop smoking, if your other attempts with other methods have failed, vaping is a good answer as the health risks are lower with vaping than with tobacco smoking. For a lot of people trying to give up smoking is an ongoing battle, it is hard to give up that addiction and the habit formed. With e-cigarettes, you can keep up with the action and habit formed, and choose liquids that contain nicotine and so it is a much effective option for a lot of people. You also maintain the social aspect of it while spending less money.

Can vaping really help you quit smoking?

Vaping is not the only option when it comes to giving up cigarettes but for many people, it is the most successful option because it so closely mimics the habit of smoking. There is no official vaping device that is approved as a method to quit smoking, but vaping is indeed less of a risk. It is a legitimate option and in one study it is suggested that it is twice as successful as other methods to get a smoker to stop. If you do decide to try remember;

  • Stop smoking cigarettes completely
  • Using nicotine-containing vaping liquids leads to better results
  • Keep up with some other kinds of support
  • Over time lower how much nicotine you use in your e-cigarettes

Other options to quit smoking

There are other options if you want to stop smoking, though vaping with an electronic cigarette NZ seems to be the most effective. Here is a closer look.

Cold turkey quitting

This is when you stop with no support or help of any kind. For some people, it works but for a lot of people it is the hardest option and they usually give up after a time and return to smoking because of the withdrawal symptoms and because of socially tempting situations. Overall, cold turkey has low success rates, about half of people quitting this way cannot even last a week, and only about 5% of people keep it up for as long as a year.

Medications to help people stop smoking

There are several options when it comes to medications. NRT or Nicotine replacement therapy is a common one. This is where you replace the nicotine you are addicted to with other products to help with the withdrawal. Things like inhalers, gum, nicotine patches, and mouth sprays. Your doctor can suggest options and prescribe them and there are also things you can buy from the local supermarket and chemist. There are also medications that are not NRTs like Carenicline, Nortriptyline or Bupropion that help lessen the effects of the withdrawal symptoms. More people have success this way than with cold turkey. But it is still missing the social aspect that an e-cigarette offers. Behavioural support should also be a part of your efforts to quit smoking.