Runner rugs

For many people, the use of rugs is an important part of decorating their homes. It is a great way to add warmth, comfort, style, colour and you can choose from so many different styles, sizes and types. When you start talking tugs a lot of people who are not familiar with the different types tend to think of an area rug. But there are other types such as runner rugs that homeowners have in more narrow spaces like hallways, stairs and entrances.

Runner rugs

As mentioned runner rugs were specifically designed to be narrow to run down areas of the home that were thinner, adding warmth and decoration to these areas without over cluttering them. Because these areas are often high traffic locations like hallways that lead to the different rooms in the home, these rugs as well as adding a decorative element also offer traction to lessen the chance of slipping on the floor. They protect the flooring underneath so it does not wear down quicker than in other areas of the home and they help tie together the different rooms with their different features, purposes and designs. Long hallway runners Australia are also useful to cover up areas of the floor that might be damaged or looking tired.

Getting the right size

As when buying any kind of rug when you are browsing through runner rugs Australia home owners prefer, you need to think about how much space you have for it. Measure the length of the entrance or corridor, or hallway and the width, and check those measurements at least one more time to get them right. In general, it is a good idea to then take away about 10 centimetres from the width so that there is about 5 cm of exposed floor on either side of the rug. You should also take away about 60 cm from the length so you have about 30 cm on either end of the rug exposed. It is a great way to create a frame around the rug and to make sure it fits the space without overfilling it.

Chose a design you love

You also need to think about what design or style you want in your rug. This is mostly a personal preference decision but there are now a lot of patterns and designs to choose from so you are going to find plenty you like. consider how the space is decorated and how the rug is going to fit in. Do you want it to be neutral so the walls or decor stand out more, or do you want it to be bolder? Remember if you are going with bold you can do this without choosing a colour that clashes.


Whether you are choosing from long hallway runners Australia, are a smaller runner rug, they have a lot to offer. You get some added attraction, comfort to walk on, and you also get a lower energy bill too! That’s right, carefully placed rugs can help you reduce your bills, trapping in heat in the winter and cool air in the summer!