Upgrading, not Replacing: Boosting Your Car’s Performance and Appearance

jasper geys NyReMjpm unsplash

The average age of cars on the road is 11-12 years, and about 1/3 of all new vehicles sold are also traded in after just one year on the road. When you think about it, cars are a pretty big investment. But they don’t need to be. There are plenty of ways to give your car a boost in performance and appearance without breaking the bank. Whether you’re looking for something as simple as changing your air filter or adding an aftermarket spoiler, there’s so much that can easily be done. Here are just some things you should consider:

Improve the safety and performance of your vehicle with new tyres

This is probably the easiest thing you can do. All-season tyres will run anywhere from $170-500 per tyre (depending on the brand). You’ll want 4 tyres, if not more, which means this could cost between $680-$2,000 depending on where you buy them. Tyres have an enormous impact on fuel economy, handling, braking distances (not just in wet conditions), ride comfort and safety – so don’t forget about them.

Try a tune-up to get the most out of your car’s performance

A tune-up for your car is simply getting all the parts checked in it that are needed to run smoothly. This can include things like plugs, filters and belts which will cost about $150 to $550 depending on what you need to be done. Not only can it improve gas mileage and performance, but investing in routine maintenance is an excellent decision if you want to get the most out of your car years to come.

The interior and exterior of your car will show a significant difference when you have it professionally detailed

The best way to give your car a new look is to go with the old tried-and-true solution: a detail and polish. This will cost about $150-$200, but it will be worth it if you want that fresh exterior again. Additionally, polishing a car is actually something you can do on your own as it involves no special skill. The trick, however, is to get a good quality car polish that ensures long-lasting shine

When you’re thinking of having your car detailed, make sure that you pick a reputable dealer or company. You will need to choose a company that uses natural products and cleaners as it will be much better for your car than harsh synthetic chemicals.

It’s easy to get stuck in this mentality that when we buy a new vehicle, it needs all sorts of different bells and whistles. But don’t forget about what you already own or its potential for becoming something even better with some work! If nothing else, think about how much more you’ll be able to sell it for if it’s been upgraded rather than replaced outright.

Photo by Jasper Geys on Unsplash