Over the years we accumulate goodies and proudly plant them in our homes. They remind us of past times and great times, but do they come together in unity? Well, not always. Uniting your home decor under one roof can be harder than it seems, with so many colours and styles competing with each other. Fortunately, there are a few key features that define a home’s decor and if they are executed correctly your home will present beautifully. Find out what these features are, and how you can take advantage of them.


Your windows are the soul of your home, so that makes your curtains pretty important. There are so many solutions out there for coverage but none more easy and stylish than eyelet curtains. You want something that is going to frame your windows without completely overpowering them. Choose a colour that will seamlessly complement your decor, something neutral like a grey, beige, navy or white. This is a task that can be done in a day, and for a relatively small cost. 


You know you don’t have to just blindly accept the lighting that you have had for years. Perhaps you moved into a house with harsh fluorescents and you are (gasp) starting to get used to that unwelcoming glow. Survey all your light bulbs and electrical and start upgrading to some softer lighting. Amber lighting is the most complementary, and will make a world of difference to your decor. If you can’t tamper with your electrical too much, you can scatter some nice lamps around your home to use instead. Lighting will really unite the home decor of your space, as it touches the entire space and has the ability to make or break a room.


House greenery has really come into its own. Cactus’ and ferns can be found in the corner of just about every home, why? Because they break up the decor and have a calming effect. If you think that your home decor is nice, but not exactly uniting, use some greenery to harness the rooms together. Choose some funky pots and use a combination of small and large plants and start scattering them around the home. Make sure you do a little research on the plants you buy so that the right ones are by the window or hidden in the bedroom.


It’s hard to imagine a truly stylish home decor without a splash of personality. Showcasing your art is a great way of expressing yourself, and will instantly unite the existing decor in place. If you are interested in wall prints, use the same collection and scatter a piece in different rooms. This will almost tell a story, and as your guests make their way around your home they can find and marvel at the artwork on show. Like most home decor ideas, be mindful of the colours you use – as you want this to add to the room and not suck all the energy from it.


There are so many trends out there to try, colours to splash around, and stories to tell with a space. The risk? Is that it can all come together in a bit of a hot mess and have no real style and identity – just a collection of oddities that you can thorwin into place. With every decision you make, be mindful of how these will play together and unite your other home decor inspirations. You don’t have to play by the rules, it’s your space at the end of the day, but if you want it to look it’s best follow a style and constantly look back on your home decor with eyes of a stylist.

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