understanding seo: does your business really need it?

Amongst the wide services of digital marketing agencies, search engine optimization is one of the most spoken about topics in the list. Even though certain businesses don’t believe so, SEO tends to be suitable for all businesses, be it a startup or a multinational corporation. In Melbourne, SEO services are essential when it comes to digital marketing agencies, and tend to be the centre of any strategy that requires the development of leads and ROI.

Before understanding the importance of SEO in your business’ strategy, it’s important to understand what exactly SEO is. Search engine optimization has a variety of subtasks that are attached to it, but the overall procedure allows you to make Google believe that your page is worth the visibility. While working with a digital marketing agency, you’ll be able to understand how major the task of SEO implementation can really be; the process includes:

  • Content Marketing: Keywords are the core of all SEO strategies. This is where it all began. When SEO implementation was still new to the internet, content comprising of keywords was all it took to get your page on to the top rankings of search engines. However, over time, the use of SEO has grown to become completely dependent on the user’s experience. The key outlook while researching keywords for content is dependent on high search rates and low competition. Content marketing is then carried out with the help of blog posts, articles, ebooks, infographics, etc.
  • On-page SEO: Focusing more on the technicalities of your webpage, on-page SEO targets metadata and internal links. Through HTML schema code & JSON LD implementation, hyperlinks are built to connect your data directly with search engines. This helps in highlighting the necessary information required to drive customers to your page.
  • Off-page SEO: Off-page SEO is all about building your brand’s credibility and domain authority. Through reviews, listings and link buildings, your company gains the attention it needs on a more public scale. While on-page SEO falls completely under your control, off-page SEO is more dependent on social signals.

Once you’re aware of the basics about SEO, you may begin to wonder, “Sure, there are quite a few advantages, but does my business fall under the same category of businesses that need it? Do I really need to build myself a digital platform?”. To clarify, every business today needs a digital platform. It doesn’t matter if you’re a brand, a company, an artist, a restaurant, etc., if you’re not on the internet, you’re missing out on a wide set of customers. If you’re missing out on customers, you’re cancelling out your potential profits. Any well-established digital marketing company in Melbourne is capable of running you in on the list of advantages that you’ll receive after hiring one, but it’s more important to realize what your business will be missing out on.

90% of webpages are invisible on Google, and honestly, if your competitor’s doing it, you’re already falling behind. By the position of the top-ranking being taken away by your competitor on search engines, your business holds no credibility and has no choice but to fall behind. As one of the top methods of gaining ROI for any business that holds a digital platform, SEO is the right move for you as long as you’re looking to gain results that last and not just results that get you to the top. Clickmatix is a digital marketing agency set in Melbourne and can help you gain the digital exposure you need. Not only will you be able to gain a free quote, but you’ll be able to witness results you didn’t know you could achieve!

If you’re still confused about hiring an agency for digital marketing services, you can work on the clarification of your doubts by gaining some knowledge about SEO yourself. Once you do, consulting professionals will seem much easier than before. Not only will you be able to work out the details yourself, but you’ll know exactly what’s fit for your business’ growth.