tyrrell’s vat 1 semillon 2012

The nose is quite restrained and not really showing a lot.

The same could be said for the colour that was quite pale, giving the impression of youth.
However, I think at 8 years old this particular bottle may just be showing at its best.

Strange statement I know as I have tasted, 10 and 15-year-old Vat 1 Semillon’s, that although obviously showing their age still had a ghost of freshness about them.

This wine had a powerful long core of very soft lemon juice that ended abruptly mid-palate. Then…was followed by an even softer lemon acid profile which is best described as lemon zest rather than lemon juice, giving the wine an unbelievable soft and light finish.

As good as the wine tasted I found the wine to be rather light in the mouth, as I was looking for a little more depth that wasn’t there.

The fact is, this wine usually has a lot more to offer.

Keeping this in mind, there is such a thing as bottle variation and the next bottle you open may just set the benchmark from this day forward.

However, as stated for me on this occasion I think at 8 years old this bottle on the night was at its best. I did enjoy its lemon zest flavour but this wine for me was lacking in body compared to other vintages I have tried.

Nevertheless, I still enjoyed this bottle of wine.

Michael Lillis

The Rot has set in.