Types of Incontinence Pads & Who can Use Them?


Adult Pull-ups

They are a good option for people who are active and can walk around to do their business. Confidenceclub Men’s pull-up incontinence pants would feel more like underwear rather than a brief or a type of pad. These products are designed to move with the body just like regular underwear.

Who can use them?

Some manufacturers make incontinence products that suit both men as well as women. Women would get better protection if they use adult pull-up diapers. You can easily stand and walk around in adult pull-up underwear.

Adult Tabbed Briefs

These diapers have tabs and are adjustable to fit the user’s body. The tabs are reusable so that the caregivers can make sure that it fits snugly. The tabs are also less likely to rip.

Who can Use Them?

People who are not able to move around well or are confined to bed can use this product. A caregiver can help them find this product to be beneficial.

Booster Pads & Diaper Liners

Booster pads are known as diaper inserts or diaper doubles. They should be placed inside the diaper or other garments to increase absorbency. Diaper liners are more versatile and can help with urinary as well as bowel incontinence. People who have more than one type of incontinence issue can find this helpful as they can keep the body clean in general. They are easier to swap out.

Who can Use Them?

These pads are an ideal solution for people who like to travel around more often. People who are looking for extra leak-proof incontinence protection or with overnight needs can also use this. They can be great for wheelchair users that help in avoiding frequent diaper changes.

Pads & Guards

There are different incontinence pads for men as well as women. They are also known as guards. Unlike other products, they are meant to be used with underwear. Women can make use of feminine pads for incontinence while men can use guards that would fit their anatomy better.

Who can Use Them?

People who have mild to moderate incontinence and are active can use this product.

Incontinence Bed Pads

Just like the name suggests, these underpads go on the bed and serve as a final layer of protection that would keep the bedding dry. Disposable bed pads can be used on surfaces like sofas, floors, large chairs and are meant to protect them. If the case of incontinence is severe or happens more frequently at night, it can be used along with waterproof sheets or a bed pad protector to protect the mattress. Underpads are available in both reusable and disposable variants. The cloth ones are machine washable. The disposable ones are available in different sizes.

Who can Use Them?

These bed pads can be ideal for people who do not move much during sleep. They can be bedridden people or people who suffer from higher levels of incontinence.

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