Types of Carpet Cleaning

fall is the right season for cleaning your carpets

Whether you are living in a rental place or own a home carpet cleaning is vital to keep your living space clean and hygienic. Especially if you have kids then carpet cleaning becomes unavoidable. Over time, the dirt and stains accumulated on the carpet reduce its aesthetic appeal and looks dirty. Moreover, it’s not healthy to walk on the same dirty carpet every day since it can create allergy problems and breathing issues in young kids. Everybody likes to keep their living spaces clean but they avoid cleaning carpets just because of its lengthy and difficult procedure. But in this article, we will discuss easy ways to clean your carpet and maintain it so that you can extend its life and have a healthy clean home.

Carpet cleaning is divided into the following types:

1.    Dry Cleaning

The mandatory procedure, which should be performed once every two to three days. If there are small children or animals in the house, then it is better to vacuum the carpet every day. Dry dirt, which can not be handled by a conventional household vacuum cleaner, is eliminated with a brush or a hard scraper, for example, a blunt knife. If you do not neglect the vacuum cleaner, then dirt deep in the structure of the carpet will accumulate more slowly.

2.    Stain Treatment and Removal

Its recommended to immediately wash the stain or clean it as the accident happens. Because over time the stain dries up and it becomes hard to remove the stain. Moreover, before cleaning the carpet, the cleaning method should be selected taking into account the type of stain it is and the cleaning area you have to deal with. Greasy stains, traces of urine and stains from wine are removed in different ways since they are different. An incorrectly selected product will not give the required result and will irreparably ruin the carpet. For this reason, if you do not know for sure how to clean the carpet correctly, use the recommendations of a specialist in this matter. For example, if you want carpet cleaning services, you can consider contacting chemdry Sydney.

3.    Professional Cleaning

You have to resort to professional cleaning if the stains on your carpet are big or the condition of the carpet is really bad. Although professional cleaning is not required daily it is necessary every once in a while. For normal use, professional carpet cleaning at home should be done once a year. If a room has increased traffic or a small child lives in it, then professional cleaning is more often required. Professional carpet cleaning is carried out using specialized, expensive equipment and facilities, which ensures a perfect result

You have to select a cleaning service that uses safe cleaning products to clean the carpet. Make sure they don’t use harsh chemicals on your carpet which might be dangerous if there are kids in the home.

Following are the types of  cleaning services offered by carpet cleaning companies:

 Carpet Cleaning Service

The essence of this cleaning is simple, cleaners take the carpets from the client, clean them, and bring them back. Payment for cleaning with departure is carried out upon receipt of the tidied products.

Extractor Dry Cleaning

Extractor dry cleaning of carpets and upholstered furniture consists of the fact that professionals use a hot detergent composition to combat pollution. It is applied to the surface of products using special equipment and distributed over their surface. This composition effectively dissolves pollution and, having fulfilled its mission, is removed from the carpets with a vacuum cleaner.

The extraction process includes; the cleaners handle the carpet with a vacuum cleaner. Having removed all dirt and dust from it, experts apply a washing composition to the carpet using an extractor apparatus. Professionals process various types of spots manually, armed with brushes and high-quality stain removers. After finishing work, the cleaners wash the carpet with water and dry it.

Wet Dry

Wet dry cleaning of carpets is performed by professionals as efficiently as possible. They not only use high-quality equipment but in each case, they select the most effective substances that eliminate pollution.

Intensive Cleaning

In some situations, cleaners have to resort to intensive cleaning of the carpet. It allows you to eliminate severe pollution, stains of unknown origin, gum adhered to the carpet and removal of any type of stains that are not removed by cleaning agent.

At its core, intensive cleaning is very similar to extraction. Only it involves the removal of each of the spots separately. Intensive cleaning is quite laborious and time-consuming. But it allows you to return the original appearance to coatings, which, as it seemed, nothing will save and it’s time to throw them away.

Intensive-cleaning of the carpet is carried out by the professional company which uses special equipment and individually selected detergents. It cleans not only the upper layer visible to the human eye but also the “deep” layers that carpet cleaning at home cannot give.

Dry Cleaning at Home (Do it Yourself)

Professional carpet cleaning at home from the concept of “luxury” has moved into the category of conventional, widespread services. What does the specialized cleaning of carpets and upholstered furniture mean? In what cases is it needed?

If your carpet has small stains and can be removed easily then you don’t need to contact a professional company to clean your carpet. By following easy steps you can clean your carpet at home.

Below are the ways to maintain your carpet :

Dry Clean

The gentle method includes vacuuming the carpet to remove dirt and pollutants.

Dry carpet cleaning is suitable for delicate woolen and silk coatings and upholstery fabrics. Not suitable for allergy sufferers or those sensitive to certain chemicals.

Extraction Cleaning

Designed to remove medium pollution with a washing vacuum cleaner, rinse the contaminated surface with water and dry. Such wet cleaning of carpets is very effective, allows you to remove the deepest dirt and stains, but is not recommended for delicate materials.

Intensive Cleaning

How to clean carpets with persistent and unusual dirt? The method of deep intensive vacuum cleaning using professional chemical stain removers is suitable for you. This option provides for complete surface treatment, not partial.

Steam Cleaning

A popular steam cleaning device which is not only handy but easy to use on the carpets. Due to its mobility (mobile steam generators are convenient to transport from place to place) and the lack of chemicals during processing, people prefer to steam clean to completely sanitize their home carpets.


Carpets are popular all over the world because they can enhance the décor of the house and give it a cozy vibe. Carpets are not only used in homes but people use them in offices, wedding venues, and any formal event to make the atmosphere less strict and official. With proper care and treatment, carpets can last you for many years. Just remember to vacuum it regularly and treat the stain immediately. This will reduce the accumulation of bacteria and stains on your carpet. If your carpet is badly damaged and has heavy stains on it then it’s better to contact professional carpet cleaning services. As they have intensive cleaning solutions and methods to make your carpet look brand new.


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