Top Students Tips on How to Write an Artist Resume

top students tips on how to write an artist resume

A resume is the first step to landing your career job as an artist. It should be up-to-date and include every piece of information that will make you stand out. Also, tailor your art resume to meet whichever position you are applying for. But, these tips are not enough, though. Here are specific tips to help you write a killer resume.

Have an Alluring Introductory Paragraph

Often, people ignore this particular tip and start providing their details. But, an introduction is a perfect way to set yourself apart. You need to have a good command of English and deliver an introduction that moves your potential interviewee. Do not provide a lot of information here. The best approach is to make it brief but intriguing and mysterious. Make sure the person reading it will want to know more about you and proceed further down to your details. Of course, this is easy to say but difficult to deliver. So, when stuck, you should not feel bad about asking for help. Platforms such as ResumeThatWorks are ready to help. Place your order and let someone help you deliver an introduction that makes your resume interesting.

Focus on Your Education, Experience, and Exhibitions

The way you present these three determines whether you will get the position or not. So, you have to make sure that they stand out. If you do not have any prior experience, you need not worry. Many people submit artist resumes with no experience all the time. But, make sure your education and exhibitions can do the talking for you then. These three tell a story of who you are as an artist or an aspiring artist. So, take your time and capture every relevant piece of information. 

Full Name and Contact Info

These two are the most basic pieces of information in an artist’s resume. You need to include your full name and make sure it appears in uppercase and bold. This makes sure your potential interviewee cannot miss it. No one wants to look for your name all over the resume. Your contact information must also be clear and visible. With contact information, the two key pieces are your phone number and email address. Make sure these are operational. The rest, like mailing addresses and personal websites, are optional.


Education is another section that needs its own space in your resume. In this section, you have to provide your educational history. But, a crucial piece of information here is that you have to start with your most recent academic honor. If you are still in school, for example, this piece of information should appear first. The year or years should appear on the left, and then the honors to the right. The CV for an artist must be neat. So, ensure that every academic achievement is visible.

Honors and Awards

Unlike other resumes, an artist’s resume should include honors and awards. Here, you should include any prizes, awards, and honors that are in your name. These could be from exhibitions, competitions, or artist fellowships. Regardless of where you got them, you have to include them in your resume. This is how you separate yourself from other applicants. A resume with honors and awards paints a picture of an intriguing and hardworking person. So, you could land yourself an opportunity.


Who is publishing your work? Who is showcasing your work to the world? Well, in this section, you have to include such information.

Mention every platform that publishes or reviews your work. Examples here include newspapers, books, magazines, or even catalogs. Let your interviewee know you through your work and its influence on other people. Also, include interviews that focus on your work. This is a way to grow your story and brand.

However, an artist’s resume calls for one to give their best in every section. If you happen to get stuck with your home assignment, visit, get professional help, and save more time to work on a resume.

Radio or Television Experience

An artist’s CV should contain as much information as possible. In this section, you should consider any instances when your work features on television or radio. Remember, even though your resume will not contain everything about you, you should give enough information to arouse interest. Give your interviewees an easy time knowing you. Showcase your experience and references for your work. Make the decision to hire you easily.


Are you running a blog? Are there publications, reviews, or critical writings on art in your blog? Well, include these publications. Your artist resume skills could be wanting, but let your interviewees see your knowledge about art. You may despise your writing skills, but they could earn that position you want. Writing skills can help set you apart. So, share your knowledge.  


Here, you should find publications about you or your artwork and offer your interviewees. If, for example, there is a publication about your artwork on a blog, make sure to mention it here. Let your interviewee know what other people think of you or your artwork, whether positive or negative. Doing this can help enhance your chances of getting the position because it speaks about your confidence. So, include some references to either blogs or publications that focus on you or your work. If you don’t have some good publications visit writemyessayforme co uk could help develop a killer essay. If the process is taking a lot from you, do not hesitate to ask for help.

top students tips on how to write an artist resume

Professional Experience

Your resume should not include everything about you. However, it will enhance your chances of landing the position if you include any professional experience in the arts. For example, you may be part of an art club or have experience as an art teacher. You may also be working as an assistant to an artist. These are pieces of information that should not miss in your resume.

Every section matters. Every single piece of information could be bringing you closer to your dream job or taking you further away. It is a tiresome task to handle, but help is always around the corner.

Additional Arts

Do you have any additional pieces of art that you forgot to mention? Well, this is your chance to include them. However, be careful not to include pieces that will rule you out of the position.

In conclusion, your resume is a summary of who you are. It is your first impression and this counts. So, ensure that you do your best to deliver something that will enhance your chances of landing your dream job. Take your time with each part, and deliver a masterpiece.