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Top Maintenance Tips For Plantation Shutters



Window plantation shutters are not just beautiful additions to your home, but they’re a comprehensive window treatment. They add a stunning aesthetic flair to your house. 

However, to keep them polished and maintain the grandeur of these beautiful window treatments, you need to clean them properly. While indoor plantation shutters don’t face the wrath of harsh weather conditions, they’re still prone to dust and debris inside your home. 

Regular cleaning and maintenance restore the refreshing look and feel of your plantation shutters Melbourne. 

We’ve enlisted a few maintenance tips and tricks to help you clean the shutters and restore their original beauty. 

Let’s get started!

4 Maintenance Tips For Your Plantation Shutters

Prevent Dust Accumulation

The best way to keep your window plantation shutters clean is to prevent dust and debris from accumulating. Over time the accumulated dust gets caked onto the surface, especially the over slats, and it becomes challenging to remove them. 

  • Grab a soft duster or a microfibre cloth and your cleaning gloves. 
  • Wipe out any accumulated dust starting from the top and working your way down.  
  • Don’t forget the tricky areas like the hinges, which may trap large dust particles. 
  • Use a vacuum cleaner for a thorough cleaning
  • You can follow this routine once a week or whenever you notice any accumulated dust. 

Choose A Safe And Mild Cleaner

Although regular dusting removes superficial dust, a deep cleaning is recommended once a month. Thorough cleaning with a mild cleanser removes stubborn dirt and grime. 

Choose a cleaner depending on the material of your shutter. For teak or basswood plantation shutters, avoid harsh chemicals. Using harsh chemicals on wood can damage the material and cause warpage.  

Use a damp cloth, squeeze out excess water and wipe out the louvers. Using a wood cleaner is also a good option.

For PVC plantation shutters, you can use any mild cleansing agent. 

Wash To Get Rid Of The Stubborn Dirt

For basswood plantation shutters, use the wood cleaner or the damp cloth to clean the plantation shutter. Wipe down each slat until all the buildup is cleaned. 

Buy plantation shutters from reputed manufacturers to get quality products and avoid unnecessary damages like warpage in the future. 

Rotate the slats and wipe down all surfaces, ensuring no dust accumulation is left uncleaned. 

To scrub the stubborn areas, use a soft bristles brush. Moisten the bristles with water or wood cleaner before scrubbing. 

For PVC shutters, you can use lukewarm water and soap to clean the sticky dirt and grime. Clean it up thoroughly, rotating the slats and hinges. You can use a soft-bristled brush to scrub the difficult areas. 

Wipe The Shutters

Wiping out any remaining water or cleanser is an excellent way to maintain your plantation shutters Australia. Moisture build can cause damage to your window treatments. Therefore, for a final time, wipe with a clean, damp cloth. This cleans any remaining dirt or cleanser you used. 

Once all the dirt and cleanser are wiped out, use a dry soft cloth or towel to go over the shutters. Pay special attention to the hinges, crevices, and joints when drying off the plantation shutters.

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