Choosing your next new car can be an exciting yet daunting task. With tons of choices to choose from and lots of considerations to think about, how can you even come up with a decision? Your final decision will depend on many factors, but will mainly focus on your needs, seconded by your preferences.

If you’re thinking about getting a Sports Utility Vehicle, consider the new Mazda CX 5. With its stunning design, advanced safety technologies, comfortable five seating capacity, super-efficient performance and more, you’ll sure to experience the ride of a lifetime.

If you’re seriously considering an SUV, then it’s worth knowing some of the top reasons people choose this type of vehicle.


With an SUV’s heavier and larger built and taller seating, many people associate the feeling of comfort and security with features such as these. When combined with safety measures installed plus the bigger chance of surviving in a crash when you’re on an SUV compared to smaller cars. If you’ll be using your future vehicle to drive your family around, then it’s added points to an SUV.

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Seating Capacity

No one would want to stay on a cramped vehicle. SUVs are an excellent choice if you’re going to accommodate at least five passengers, while some will even offer third-row seating. This is an excellent choice if you’re after more seating capacity or plenty of free space and legroom.

Fuel Efficiency

In the past, SUVs do not exactly offer reasonable fuel efficiency. However, they are now more fuel efficient than ever. As long as you take care of it and maintains your vehicle well, you can enjoy more road trips and job rides in the future.

Off-Road Use

Photo of White Suv on Muddy Plain

If you’re one who lives in terrain or snowy regions, then you might want to consider SUVs as your next vehicle. These are capable of handle different road surface, which means you can use it even in unfavorable conditions thanks to ESC of Electronic Stability Control and AWD or All Wheel Drive technology that almost all SUVs have.

Cargo Space

If you want lots of space the back and a car that has a powerful load-carrying capacity, then SUVs are for you. Those with third-row seatings can even be modified to accommodate more cargo space if needed, adding more room for your luggage. If you love bringing your pets around, then the added cargo space will come in handy.

Towing Capacity

Many believe that every SUV-type vehicle has excellent pulling capacity. This is extremely useful if you are one who needs to carry anything you can put on a trailer. For example, you’re one who loves to go on a fishing trip or wishes to bring your bike or motorcycle around. Your SUV to help you tow your trailer on your desired venue.

Different Styles, Engines, Looks, and Sizes

Sports Utility Vehicles now come in a variety of sizes, which means you can always find a model that fits your needs. These even come in different models, which means you can get one with a rugged look, or a sleek style, depending on your taste. Not to mention that it has an enhanced engine that is conditioned for everyday use. It’s essential that we are not only concern on the exterior of our vehicles but also the inside, engine reconditioning Adelaide comes in handy whenever you notice some unusual sound from your engine.

These are the seven most common reasons a lot of people choose an SUV. Before you decide on one, keep your options open, compare the pros and cons of your choices and think about your car needs before making a decision.