top 5 side-incomes for melbournians 

Whether you need more money because JobKeeper isn’t cutting it, or you’re saving up for your post-pandemic holiday, a side hustle is a must-have. Regardless of what your financial goal is, the extra income will enable you to save that little bit more.

Our goal is to share some of the best side hustles with you. We’ve listed our top 5 easy to start hustles and why.

There’s guaranteed to be one that suits, so choose one and start making money.

Flipping / Selling Used Items

Did you know, the average Melbourne household can have anywhere between $2,000 to $10,000 worth of unused goods and items. Whether its clothes, electronics, power tools or kitchen appliances, we’re all guilty of buying things that end up in our closets.

As per the old adage. 

One man’s trash is another man’s treasure. Chances are, you’ve got more to sell than you realise.

I’ve personally sold about $4,000 worth of unused electronics that I’ve found in my house.

Set aside some free time, go through cupboards and shelves in your house for things that you no longer use. It’ll take you all of one minute per item to snap a photo and list it on Facebook Marketplace, Gumtree or Ebay. 

Then sit and wait for someone to come and buy it off you.

Ride Sharing

Maybe renting your car out for others to drive isn’t your thing. I get it.

Here’s one that everyone talks about – ridesharing. We love it, taxi drivers despise it.

If you’re working a full-time job or you’re studying, this is probably one of the most flexible side hustles available. There’ll always be someone needing a lift regardless of whether it’s 4 am or 4 pm. You get to work when it suits you best.

You’ll find that Uber and Didi are the most popular ride-sharing services in Melbourne. (Hot tip: sign up for both so you can easily accept more jobs, plus, Didi is known to pay better!)

Food Delivery

To call Melbourne’s food culture huge, would be an understatement. We’ve listed ride-sharing as a side hustle, but this is for those that can’t stand driving others around.

Online food delivery. It’s easy, cheap to start and you don’t need to make small talk! 

Food delivery has become extremely popular with consumers, respectively, it’s in huge demand and makes for a great side business. 

You’ve probably heard of these companies before, maybe you’ve even ordered with them. All you need to do is Google ‘[Company name] delivery application’ and you’ll be taken through the application process.

Here’s the thing, you need a vehicle to deliver food and driving your own car isn’t cost-effective due to fuel consumption and depreciation. Enter scooter hire.

If you need to find scooter hire in Melbourne, we’ve seen reliable services for as little as $100 per week, the best part is you can use it to commute even when you’re not delivering.


Now, more than ever, the demand for tutoring is increasing. Children are spending more time “learning” from home (playing fortnite all day), and concerned parents are eager to ensure their child’s academia is kept in check.

This side hustle is perfect, especially for successful school leavers who are wanting to make a bit of extra cash while studying at University. By offering private, one on one tuition, or small group tuition, maths and english tutors can make anywhere between $40 to $60 AUD an hour. Top tutors can even charge upwards of $80 per hour. And remember, it’s cash in hand! 

Whether over Zoom call or in person, tutoring can be extremely profitable and a flexible side hustle that’ll keep your wallet full.

Rent Your Car

Ever seen a car parked in your street with a ‘Car Next Door’ sticker on it?

One of the new, trendy ways to build passive income is to rent out your car on a short term basis. Things change, and sometimes that second car we have sitting in our garage becomes seldom used. Maybe you’ve changed jobs and can take public transport to work, or like many these days, you’re working from home!

Car Next Door allows you to rent out your car, on your terms. You set the price and can set specific days for available rent, that way you can still reserve your car for days you know you’ll need it. And don’t worry – insurance is covered.

Regardless of what side hustle you choose, there’s plenty of money to be made. Even during the pandemic. Whether you’re tutoring school kids or delivering food on a scooter (or both!), I’m sure you’ll find something suitable for you.