Top 5 Reasons Why People Use Storages

top 5 reasons why people use storages

Lately, self-storage units are becoming more and more popular. But, what is the reason behind the vast expansion of self-storage facilities? What causes lead people to rent such units? What do they put inside?

After completing a few surveys within the users of these units, it turned out there many different reasons for opting to rent storage.

In this article, we will list the top 5 reasons for renting a self-storage unit.

1.  To Declutter A Home

More often than not our homes are filled with tons of stuff we don’t use. These can be anything from old furniture we inherited and feel bad about throwing out to an optimistically bought pair of jeans for slimmer days. Some items hold a sentimental value and it is just too hard to let go of them. Luckily, renting storage facilities is super easy and will allow you to keep your belongings but get them out of the sight.

2.  To Declutter A Dorm Room During The Break

Furnishing a dorm room can entail more than buying a new set of curtains. College students are often put in the position to buy large pieces of furniture as well as decorative items. The problem arises when the Summer comes and it is time to temporarily abandon their dorms. Finding cheap storage units near the campus is way more easier than renting a van and moving all of their belongings to their parents home for a few months every year.

3.  To Store A Vehicle

Not all people have garages they can use to store vehicles. Especially those of us living in apartments without so much as a parking space. Getting a storage unit to keep your car during the time you are leaving town is a very smart decision. Other vehicles most customers store are those they can’t use during a particular season, such as a motorcycle or a boat.

4.  To Store Business Inventory

Small business owners and startup companies are not always in a position to rent an office space. Home-based offices are a popular way to save a few dollars. Unfortunately, it is also a great start to a path to losing your sanity. Large amounts of paper and different office materials get in a way of using a home for what it is intended for – living. This is why plenty storage users rent these spaces to keep their business administration organized and out of the way.

5.  To Renovate A Home

Home renovation is one of the top reasons for renting storage. Building a second unit or renovating some spaces is much easier once your furniture and valuables are safely stashed in a different space. It also makes it easier for construction workers to do their job and move freely.


These are only five of the many reasons for renting additional space. After taking all of this into account, it becomes obvious the reasons that lead customers for this step go way beyond the desire to hold on to unnecessary materialistic objects.

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