Every business should install a POS or Point of Sale system to help them with their processes. There are many benefits POS can provide your business. It can help with your inventory management and help you track your sales in an organized way.

It also provides you with 24/7 support, which can be pretty helpful when you encounter issues. Not to mention that POS will as well help you in your invoicing. So, if you want to acquire a POS for your business, here are the top five suggestions of the best POS systems in Australia.

Quetzal POS

The first famous POS System in Australia is the Quetzal POS System. Quetzal is the recommended POS for businesses in the fashion and footwear industry. It is affordable and is best for small startup fashion and footwear retail in the country. It is because Quetzal does not have contracts or setup charges.

With Quetzal POS, you can enjoy the system’s great analytics and reports. Moreover, if you choose to use this POS System, it will be easy for you to provide your customers with loyalty and gift card programs as the software is already designed to handle this feature.

Furthermore, this POS System has robust inventory management for easy monitoring and organizing your goods.

Lightspeed Retail POS System

Lightspeed experienced significant growth over the past years, making it the most popular POS in Australia, especially for retail businesses.

Lightspeed has excellent features in its POS, such as the synchronization of the physical stocks, e-commerce, email campaign creator, and built-in reports that have more than 50 options.

It is also cloud-based, which is best for retailers to provide businesses with the software and hardware to run their transactions.

Lightspeed retail is the recommended POS for thriving small businesses, like a chain of clothing stores or small businesses with numerous locations.


Next on the list is the TouchBistro POS, which is highly recommended for restaurant businesses. TouchBistro is affordable, yet it is complete with the features needed to run restaurant processes, such as tableside or self-serve-ordering and payment processing.

You can enjoy its inventory management and CRM tools, helping you organize all transactions within your business.

TouchBistro POS System uses iPads that serve as the terminal for more convenient usage. Plus, all add-on hardware is supported by third-party vendors. Additionally, TouchBistro POS provides 24/7 customer support through email or phone.

Square POS

The fourth of the best POS System in Australia is the Square POS, designed to provide enough support for any pop-up store needs. One of the reasons it is the most chosen POS for pop-up stores is because it is a mobile POS system that you can install on android and IOS devices.

Millions of businesses in Australia use this POS System to support contactless payments, such as credit or debit card and digital wallet payments.

Moreover, your business will get to enjoy other key features the Square POS provides, such as sales reports, stock management, electronic invoices, email and SMS product promotion, eCommerce, analysis, and much more.

The Square POS is free to install and easy to use and set up. The plan for Square POS starts at zero but comes with a limited feature only.

Existing users of the Square POS System love that their 24/7 support helps them a lot during trouble. Additionally, Square customers also love how it makes paying convenient for the business and the clients, whether in person or over the phone.

Hike POS

Are you running an ecommerce store? Or do you have a website to sell your products or services online? Then, Hike POS is the best system for you.

This POS System understands how challenging it is to run an ecommerce and physical store simultaneously. It is designed to provide easy integration with WooCommerce, Shopify, BigCommerce, and other ecommerce platforms. 

It’s easy to seamlessly sync your online inventory to your in-store catalogue with these integrations. This way, it would be no challenge for you to sell your products both online and in-store without constantly updating both inventories.

Additionally, all orders carried out online will be synchronized to your Hike POS, which helps you have real-time visibility of your business’s online and offline performance.

However, before you decide to use the Hike POS System, you should know that it can only be used on an iPad and doesn’t support Android devices.

Choose a POS That Suits Your Business

Having five POS options at hand can be confusing. You might find it hard to choose amongst these best POS systems to use for your business. However, you should consider the features of the POS and see if it fits your line of business and its needs. By doing this, you will easily choose amongst these five POS options and ensure that you will get the best one for you.

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