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artificial intelligence is now part of our everyday lives – and its growing power is a double-edged sword

Artificial intelligence is now part of our everyday lives – and its growing power...

      AI-generated images of “a stained glass window with an image of a blue strawberry”. OpenAI   A major new report on the state of artificial intelligence (AI) has just been released. Think of it as the...
choosing the nbn cabling contractor

Choosing the NBN Cabling Contractor

To set up your National Broadband Network (NBN) you should hire experienced NBN installation contractors.  One of the reasons that you should hire them is that will be able to ensure the customer a...
facebook ads have enabled discrimination based on gender, race and age. we need to know how ‘dark ads’ affect australians

Facebook ads have enabled discrimination based on gender, race and age. We need to...

      AP Photo/Jon Elswick (Photo released by members of the U.S. House Intelligence committee)   Social media platforms are transforming how online advertising works and, in turn, raising concerns about new forms of discrimination and predatory...
being bombarded with delivery and post office text scams? here’s why — and what can be done

Being bombarded with delivery and post office text scams? Here’s why — and what...

  Scamwatch For most people, the ping of an incoming SMS will induce some level of excitement — or mild intrigue at least. But with SMS scams on the rise, many may now be meeting...
cybersecurity threats for students & how to fight them

Cybersecurity Threats for Students & How to Fight Them

    Although this article was written with students from the USA in mind, it is still completely appropriate for students in Australia, and with end of year exams approaching could be of vital importance...
launching Australias first scratch built satellite

We’re launching Australia’s first scratch-built satellite, and it’s a giant leap towards the Moon

  Picture:Curtin University, Author provided   On August 28, a SpaceX rocket will blast off from Cape Canaveral in Florida, carrying supplies bound for the International Space Station. But also on board will be a small...
Curbing online retailers snooping

How one simple rule change could curb online retailers’ snooping on you

  Picture: Rupixen.com/Unsplash I spent last week studying the 26,000 words of privacy terms published by eBay and Amazon, trying to extract some straight answers, and comparing them to the privacy terms of other online...
marketing strategy

Marketing Components and Their Use in Marketing Strategies

Marketing is one of the most integral aspects of any business activity. The success of any company or product largely depends on how well it has been marketed. A good market strategy is one...
What is the metaverse header

What is the metaverse? A high-tech plan to Facebookify the world

  Image: Wacomka / Shutterstock Facebook chief executive Mark Zuckerberg recently announced the tech giant will shift from being a social media company to becoming “a metaverse company”, functioning in an “embodied internet” that blends real and...
a mining camp won’t cut it: australia’s quarantine system needs a smarter design

A mining camp won’t cut it: Australia’s quarantine system needs a smarter design

 Screen Shot at am. The announcement that the Victorian and federal governments will build a 1,000-bed COVID quarantine hub at Mickleham in Melbourne’s north marks a welcome end, or at least a fresh chapter, to the finger-pointing...