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Australia is a global top-ten deforester – and Queensland is leading the way

A chain used for land clearing is dragged over a pile of burning wood on a drought effected property near St George, Queensland. AP Image/Dan Peled When you think of devastating deforestation and extinction...

What Is The Blockchain And Aspects On Australian Legal System

The Australian legal system has started to take notice of the potential that the distributed ledger technology of the world over offers. It is a relatively young field, having been around for less than...
top 6 benefits of using membership management software

Top 6 Benefits of Using Membership Management Software

Being a part of a game club has major physical and mental advantages for grown-ups. It's an extraordinary method to meet a similar kind of individual. You'll additionally get an improved shape while going...
this is what australia’s growing cities need to do to avoid running dry

This is what Australia’s growing cities need to do to avoid running dry

The Thomson Dam, Melbourne’s largest water storage, dropped to only 16% of capacity in the last big drought. Melbourne Water The increasing thirst of Australia’s biggest cities routinely exceeds our capacity to rely on...
China’s Recycling ‘ban’ Throws Australia Into A Very Messy Waste Crisis

China’s recycling ‘ban’ throws Australia into a very messy waste crisis

Waste not want not. Bernard Spragg. NZ/Flickr Federal Environment Minister Josh Frydenberg met with his state and territory counterparts yesterday. Top of their agenda? The recycling crisis precipitated by the China “ban”. States and councils around...
Stringybark as tough as boots Header

Stringybark is tough as boots (and gave us the word ‘Eucalyptus’

The Eucalyptus obliqua as seen in Merthyr Park,Tasmania Cowirrie/Flickr, CC Few eucalypts are as versatile, varied and valuable as messmate stringybark. It was the first eucalypt to be scientifically named, and in fact gives us...
4 cleaning & hygiene products your business absolutely must have

4 Cleaning & Hygiene Products Your Business Absolutely Must Have

Whether you run a small office of ten people or an international restaurant chain, cleanliness should be at the top of your list of priorities. It not only ensures that you meet all necessary...
Australia’s 2017 Environment Scorecard: Like A Broken Record, High Temperatures Further Stress Our Ecosystems

Australia’s 2017 environment scorecard: like a broken record, high temperatures further stress our ecosystems

It was a hot year for many Australians.  ABCNews/David McMeekin While rainfall conditions were generally good across Australia in 2017, record-breaking temperatures stressed our ecosystems on land and sea, according to our annual environmental scorecard. Unfortunately,...

To protect us from the risks of advanced artificial intelligence, we need to act...

What would Artificial General Intelligence make of the human world?  Shutterstock/Nathapol Kongseang Artificial intelligence can play chess, drive a car and diagnose medical issues. Examples include Google DeepMind’s AlphaGo, Tesla’s self-driving vehicles, and IBM’s Watson. This type of artificial intelligence...
bushfires, bots and arson claims: australia flung in the global disinformation spotlight

Bushfires, bots and arson claims: Australia flung in the global disinformation spotlight

A targeted, coordinated online campaign has tried to mislead the public. While the myths have been debunked, the culpable parties remain unknown. SEAN DAVEY/AAP In the first week of 2020, hashtag #ArsonEmergency became the focal...