Melbourne International Singers Festival 2019 launches a fantastic program for its tenth anniversary

There is truly something here that will appeal to everyone’s musical tastes. Now in its tenth year, Australia's most exciting singers festival for all choirs, singing groups and individual singers, is proud to present a...

How do we turn a drain into valued green space? First, ask the residents

Stony Creek drain: untidy and often slightly threatening,informal green space still has value for residents,which appropriate intervention can enhance. Author provided (No reuse)   This article is based on a paper being presented at the State of...

True Love Story at the Melbourne International Singers Festival

The Melbourne International Singers Festival 2018 is thrilled to presented the internationally acclaimed, award winning The Song Company, with Artistic Director, Antony Pitts, at MISF for the first time, in "True Love Story" on...
Planning for death Header

Planning for death must happen long before the last few days of life

People need time to learn about their options and think about their preferences. Val Vesa/Unsplash Our experience of death obviously shapes the final moments of our own life. It also shapes the experience and remains in the...
Sunday Essay: Dreaming Of A ‘white Christmas’ On The Aboriginal Missions

Sunday essay: dreaming of a ‘white Christmas’ on the Aboriginal missions

Christmas Dinner, Mt Margaret Mission 1933.  State Library of Western Australia This story contains images of people who are deceased. Aboriginal missions, which existed across Australia until the 1970s, are notorious for their austerity. Aboriginal people...
The Elephant In The Planning Scheme: How Cities Still Work Around The Dominance Of Parking space

The elephant in the planning scheme: how cities still work around the dominance of...

All that land set aside for parking is also an opportunity to ask what the real value of parking space is. Car parking is expected but often unnoticed, taking up surprisingly large proportions of...
stuck in traffic: we need a smarter approach to congestion than building more roads

Stuck in traffic: we need a smarter approach to congestion than building more roads

Traffic congestion is concentrated along particular routes, such as the Eastern Freeway/Hoddle Street corridor in Melbourne. Julian Smith/AAP The equation doesn’t look pretty. Traffic congestion costs us billions of dollars each year – so we are...
The Public Barbie Header

The public barbie, an Aussie icon frozen in time

A public barbecue in Lyndhurst, New South Wales, does the job but could be so much better. Mattinbgn/Wikimedia On Boxing Day, Australia Day, birthdays and other significant cultural or religious celebrations, many of us gather...
Concert for Homelessness Week 1

School of Hard Knocks presents Street Requiem & Tattoo for Homelessness Week

Don't miss this special concert on Sunday 5th August, 3pm at Deakin Edge. Presented by the School of Hard Knocks, this concert includes Street Requiem for those who have died on the street by Kathleen...
Why Victims Of Crime Deserve A Say In Whether Offenders Are Paroled

Why victims of crime deserve a say in whether offenders are paroled

In Australia, a victim’s right to participate and be heard in parole decisions is enshrined in legislation. The recent release on parole of John Worboys, one of Britain’s most-prolific sex offenders, attracted controversy after his...