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50 years after ‘napalm girl,’ myths distort the reality behind a horrific photo of the vietnam war and exaggerate its impact

50 years after ‘Napalm Girl,’ myths distort the reality behind a horrific photo of...

Terrified children, including 9-year-old Kim Phuc, center, near Trang Bang, Vietnam, after a South Vietnamese plane on June 8, 1972, accidentally dropped its flaming napalm on its own troops and civilians. AP Photo/Nick Ut, File The...
what would king charles mean for the monarchy, australia and the republican movement?

What would King Charles mean for the monarchy, Australia and the republican movement?

Image: Chris Jackson/AAP This week’s Platinum Jubilee marks 70 years of Queen Elizabeth II’s reign over “the people of the United Kingdom, the Realms and the Commonwealth”. This occasion, the first ever for a British...
grattan on saturday: albanese government mugged by gas crisis as it faces challenge of managing expectations

Grattan on Saturday: Albanese government mugged by gas crisis as it faces challenge of...

Tony Burke reads a poem aloud every day and has a piano lesson once a week. The new minister for employment and workplace relations, as well as minister for the arts, says it’s important not...
will news corp change its approach after labor’s election win? not if the us example is anything to go by

Will News Corp change its approach after Labor’s election win? Not if the US...

Sky News in the week following the election result In 1953, the Communist East German regime quashed a widespread uprising and afterwards admonished the protesters, saying the government had lost confidence in the people. In...
view from the hill: peter dutton faces his own ‘long march’

View from The Hill: Peter Dutton faces his own ‘long march’

Image: Jono Searle/AAP A few weeks ago Peter Dutton would have been contemplating, in the event of the Morrison government’s likely defeat, contesting the Liberal leadership against Josh Frydenberg and probably losing. Instead, he has walked...
the ‘biloela family’ are going home – but what will labor do with thousands of other asylum seekers in limbo in australia?

The ‘Biloela family’ are going home – but what will Labor do with thousands...

Image: AAP The long-running case of the “Biloela family” has taken a step forward, after the new Labor government confirmed they would be allowed to return home to Queensland. Interim home affairs minister Jim Chalmers said on Friday...
grattan on saturday: stellar first week for anthony albanese but tough months ahead

Grattan on Saturday: Stellar first week for Anthony Albanese but tough months ahead

Image: Lukas Coch/AAP Anthony Albanese had expected the election might be a week earlier than it was, because last Saturday would bump up against Tuesday’s Quad meeting in Tokyo. But Scott Morrison wanted maximum time to...
national sorry day is a day to commemorate those taken. but ‘sorry’ is not enough – we need action

National Sorry Day is a day to commemorate those taken. But ‘sorry’ is not...

A young child lights a candle to commemorate the Stolen Generations. Paul Miller/AAP Image This article contains mentions of the Stolen Generations, and policies using outdated and potentially offensive terminology when referring to First Nations...
australian voters have elected their government. now the labor party has to make them believe they were right

Australian voters have elected their government. Now the Labor Party has to make them...

Image: AAP/Rick Rycroft Elections are a test - the ultimate test, really – of those who serve as parliamentarians and those who aspire to serve. Scott Morrison asserted quite absurdly early in the 2022 campaign...
victoria turns red and teal as liberals are all but vanquished in greater melbourne

Victoria turns red and teal as Liberals are all but vanquished in greater Melbourne

Image: Diego Fedle/AAP The federal election result is highly problematic for the Liberal Party. Aside from finding itself on the opposition benches for the first time in nine years, the Liberal Party lost support in...