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steve irwin [the crocodile hunter]

STEVE “CRIKEY” IRWIN [The Crocodile Hunter]

STEVE IRWIN Unlike wildlife and nature filmmaker Sir David Attenborough, Steve Irwin led his viewers on recklessly close encounters with deadly, unusual and endangered animals, with his frenetic energy and engaging boyish enthusiasm. Although sometimes criticised...
Why Democrats Have Filed A Lawsuit Against Russia – And What Australian Politicians Should Learn From It

Why Democrats have filed a lawsuit against Russia – and what Australian politicians should...

The US Democratic Party have filed a lawsuit against Russia, alleging Russia hacked party computers. Sergei Ilnitsky/Pool/AAP Last week, the Democratic Party in the United States brought an unprecedented lawsuit against a foreign country, Russia,...
The New And More Efficient Payments System Means New And More Efficient Payments Fraud. Here’s How To Prepare

The new and more efficient payments system means new and more efficient payments fraud....

It’s about to become easier to steal money. We’ll have become more vigilant. Shutterstock Most credit card fraud takes place online or over the phone. It’s not the cards that are stolen, but the details....
collaboration and covid-19 recovery key priorities for new port phillip mayor

Collaboration and COVID-19 recovery key priorities for new Port Phillip Mayor

Former Deputy Mayor Louise Crawford is Port Phillip’s new Mayor Cr Crawford said she is looking forward to getting to know all her fellow Councillors as they build the foundation of the new 2020-24 Council. “While we...
Traditional Aboriginal Healers Should Work Alongside Doctors To Help Close The Gap

Traditional Aboriginal healers should work alongside doctors to help close the gap

Indigenous Australians have a strong relationship with the natural world. from shutterstock.com The wellbeing of Indigenous people is based around having the freedom and resources to practise cultural ways of being. While some of these...
Having A Scan? Here’s How The Different Types Work And What They Can Find

Having a scan? Here’s how the different types work and what they can find

Medical imaging such as MRI can seem daunting, and perhaps even a little sci-fi. from www.shutterstock.com Our first introduction to medical imaging occurs when a doctor asks us to have an x-ray or scan...
How Misogyny, Narcissism And A Desperate Need For Power Make Men Abuse Women Online

How misogyny, narcissism and a desperate need for power make men abuse women online

While the occurrence of sexist harassment online is well documented, we less often consider what might be driving this behaviour. Wes Mountain/The Conversation “Another morning, another bit of casual misogyny & abuse”, ABC journalist Leigh...
Poll Says Most People Support A Ban On Whips In Australian Horse Racing

Poll says most people support a ban on whips in Australian horse racing

The use of the whip on Australian horse racing is still legal, but is it necessary? AAP Image/Mal Fairclough Three-quarters of Australians quizzed in a poll said they do not support the whipping of...
glow winter arts festival to light up malvern east

Glow Winter Arts Festival to light up Malvern East

Winter skies will shine bright in a spectacular display of immersive, interactive and illuminated installations at Malvern East’s beautiful and historic Central Park. Returning for a sixth year, the Glow Winter Arts Festival will run...
Screen Shot 2016 09 15 at 1.45.00 pm2

Donna Jackson on the art of industry

Over ten days, the Art & Industry Festival will celebrate and investigate the ever-changing industrial and manufacturing heartland of Australia based in Melbourne's western suburbs. This inspiring new festival puts a spotlight on the...