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Thursday, January 21, 2021
sunday essay: the naked truth on nudity

Sunday essay: the naked truth on nudity

Photographer Spencer Tunick celebrates the joyful, frivolous and liberating experience of public nudity. A major exhibition opens at the Art Gallery of New South Wales this weekend – a collection of nudes from the...

When to Upgrade Your Plumbing System

Finding a leaking tap or cracked pipe can send alarm bells ringing when it comes to your houses plumbing. Finding the right emergency plumber in your area can be a difficult task considering the...
cutting the abc cuts public trust, a cost no democracy can afford

Cutting the ABC cuts public trust, a cost no democracy can afford

Picture: Danny Casey/AAP While Australians are singing the praises of the front-line workers during the COVID-19 crisis, there is a forgotten front line that has also made personal sacrifices to help us get through the...
Australia Falls Further In Rankings On Progress Towards Un Sustainable Development Goals

Australia falls further in rankings on progress towards UN Sustainable Development Goals

Australia’s exported greenhouse emissions are higher per person than Saudi Arabia’s. AAP Image/Richard Wainwright Australia is performing worse than most other advanced countries in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), according to the global SDG Index,...
a tibetan monk walks into a bar … the future of creativity

A Tibetan monk walks into a bar … the future of creativity

Thangka painters have an entirely different conception of art to most Western painters. What should art do for us? Beyond questions of its value and its sources there is a question less frequently contested...
st kilda art crawl 21 – 24 sept 2017

ST KILDA ART CRAWL 21 – 24 Sept 2017

Born from universal art and culture. Inspired by California’s successful community strengthening Venice Art Crawl and fuelled by St Kilda’s passionate grass roots’ creatives.  The St Kilda Art Crawl has arrived. https://youtu.be/v3gIRKH80SU Similar to St Kilda’s sister city of Venice...
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Statement from AWU regarding Henty Gold Mine accident

Daniel Walton, National Secretary, Australian Workers' Union: Early this morning the AWU was made aware of a collapse at Henty Gold Mine in Tasmania. All workers barring one were evacuated. Search and rescue is now being...
‘no reason for livin’: early death in female popular musicians

‘No reason for livin’: early death in female popular musicians

In her 2005 memoir Pleasure and Pain: My Life,singer Chrissie Amphlett reflected on the “the dreadful scenes, the despair and remorse, the damage I did to my mind and body, and to others'...
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The small patch of bush over your back fence might be key to a...

A kangaroo finds refuge in a small patch of vegetation surrounded by a new housing estate. Georgia Garrard, Author provided It may not look like a pristine expanse of Amazon rainforest or an African savannah, but...
Earthquake After Shock Hits Bali

Earthquake after shock hits Bali

At 1:25pm local time (3:25pm EST), Bali was rocked by another small earthquake which has been classified as "moderate" Not as strong as the previous two, and possible just a strong after-shock, it did rattle...