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saturday science session: facts_ why they matter and how to check them – part 1

FED: PM cherry-picks figures in first-home buyers pitch

Published At : Thu May 5 13:54:44 2022 FactCheck first home  Scott Morrison's comparison with Labor's record fails to account for all the data. By William Summers WHAT WAS CLAIMED The number of first-home buyers in 2021 was nearly...
saturday science session: facts_ why they matter and how to check them – part 2

FED: Did the government’s COVID-19 policies really save 40,000 Australian lives?

Published At : Thu Apr 14 15:07:56 2022 FactCheck 40k dead  Scott Morrison has repeatedly sought to claim credit for lives spared during the pandemic. By William Summers WHAT WAS CLAIMED The government's handling of the COVID-19 pandemic saved...
fed: minister overstates covid comparison with ‘world’s best’ economy boast

FED: Minister overstates COVID comparison with ‘world’s best’ economy boast

Published At : Tue Apr 12 16:55:31 2022 FactCheck Tehan economy  A coalition frontbencher overlooked a number of countries when spruiking Australia's economic performance. By William Summers WHAT WAS CLAIMED The Australian economy is performing better than that of...
thanks for helping at our april beach clean!

Thanks for helping at our April beach clean!

We had 32 volunteers and 3 dogs for our clean this month at Princes Pier, New Beach.  The wind was blowing and there was definitely a feel of autumn in the air.  Thanks to everyone...
boroondara arts explores the dynamic nature of contemporary painting in expanded canvas

Boroondara Arts explores the dynamic nature of contemporary painting in Expanded Canvas

  23 April - 2 July 2022 Boroondara's Town Hall Gallery will present the exhibition Expanded Canvas, a collection of works challenging the possibilities of scale, form, colour and gesture. The artworks will reveal the continually evolving nature of the...
april group clean is this saturday

April Group Clean is this Saturday

Next Beach Clean Announcement Here are the details for our APRIL group clean    Sat 2/4/22 9:00 am - 10:00 am  Meeting at Princes Pier Litter collection bags & some pickers are provided, but gloves are not.  Please bring your...

FED: Rudd overshoots on scale of coalition debt and deficit

Published At : Thu Mar 24 14:26:12 2022 FactCheck Rudd Debt  The former prime minister exaggerated the growth in borrowing since Labor left office during an interview with a popular YouTuber. By William Summers WHAT WAS CLAIMED The budget...
scott morrison pm arrives for dinner with danny wallis

Scott Morrison PM has dinner with Danny Wallis

Today, Wednesday 23 March 2022, the Australian Prime Minister, Scott Morrison visited the private residence of Danny Wallis for dinner. Toorak Times photographer, Lord Murray Schoorman has the exclusive pictures. Amid a small albeit tight Australian...
andrews government sparks “greenwashing” fury in victoria

Andrews Government Sparks “Greenwashing” Fury in Victoria

Labor MP provokes backlash following VPA greenwashing accusations The release of Victorian Minister for Planning Richard Wynne's Preston Market Precinct Structure Plan has provoked anger from Darebin residents, market stallholders and local advocacy groups, with the plan's...
how to prepare for a job interview?

How to prepare for a job interview?

It takes a lot more than googling a list of frequent interview questions to prepare for an interview. It would help if you made a terrific first impression in terms of appearance (no wrinkled...