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Wednesday, April 14, 2021

The Ghost of Villa Winter Blackthorn Book Tour Wrap Up!

I’m delighted to share a bunch of highlights from the book tour of The Ghost of Villa Winter! ‘I appreciate the amount of work that went into the world-building in this book. Almost Dickensian...
doug parkinson (30 october 1946 – 15 march 2021)

DOUG PARKINSON (30 October 1946 – 15 March 2021)

VALE DOUG PARKINSON Parkinson had enjoyed an outstanding 5 decade long and remarkably varied career in the Australian Music Fraternity, Stage, Musical Theatre, Acting and Advertising. He was regarded as one of Australia’s finest veteran...
listen to older voices: claire humphrys – part 3

Listen To Older Voices: Claire Humphrys – Part 3

  This is the 3rd part of the Life & Times story of Claire Humphrys.   We have followed Claire’s story from her earliest recollections, where her grandmother who was her primary carer, played an important part...

Re-visiting Alice Bailey’s 10 Point Plan

by Patrick Chouinard I’m delighted to share this article by theosophical teacher and thinker, and dear friend Patrick Chouinard in which he addresses the broader issues underlying the so-called Ten-Point Plan circulating among conspiracy theorists...
listen to older voices: claire humphrys – part 2

Listen To Older Voices: Claire Humphrys – Part 2

    Hello and welcome to part 2 of a 4-part program featuring the story of Baby Boomer, Claire Humphrys.     In part 1 we learned that Claire was bought up largely by her Grandmother, as her mother...
listen to older voices: claire humphrys – part 1

Listen To Older Voices: Claire Humphrys – Part 1

  This is Part 1 of a 4-part program that features the Life and Times of Claire Humphrys.  Originally aired in early 2016, it is considered as one of our Golden Moment programs, and worth...

A Treatise on Cosmic Fire: A Theory of Everything

Back in the early noughties, I undertook doctoral studies in the School of Social Ecology at Western Sydney University and produced the world’s first PhD thesis on the teachings of theosophist Alice A. Bailey....

Facebook, the Australian Government and Me

“Thank you for reaching out. In response to Australian government legislation, Facebook restricts the posting of news links and all posts from news Pages in Australia. Globally, the posting and sharing of news links...
listen to older voices: phyllis smith – part 3

Listen To Older Voices: Phyllis Smith – Part 3

We have all been quite blessed to listen to the story of Phyllis Smith. When I interviewed her in 2012 Phyllis was about to turn 100 years of age. Her stories have been a...
jack howard and the ambassadors of love – bacharach & beyond

NEW DATE 28 Feb MEMO’s Valentine’s Day – Jack Howard & The Ambassadors Of...

Jack Howard & The Ambassadors of Love  present Bacharach & Beyond MEMO's Valentine's Day BUY TICKETS HERE NOW! For the past six years, Jack and the Ambassadors have been presenting their beautiful Bacharach show around town. The group has...