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how to improve your writing skills

How to Improve Your Writing Skills

Even though handwriting has been replaced with digital technologies, writing skills are still crucial. Many people cannot understand how others manage to create texts on various topics and affect their readers through words. Well,...
culture club


FAMED BRITISH #3 Culture Club were one of the biggest Pop bands of the 80s, associated with the Second British Invasion of British new wave groups that became popular in the United States due to...
the transformative process of writing fiction

The Transformative Process of Writing Fiction

Benefits for Readers When reading, the suspension of ordinary awareness through engagement in a story world has enormous benefits of itself. Empathy, theory of mind and critical thinking are all enhanced. Reading relaxes you, de-stresses,...
the carpenters

The Carpenters

FAMED AMERICANS #1 They were the biggest-selling group of the 70s. No fewer than ten of their singles went on to become million-sellers, and by 2005 combined worldwide sales of albums and singles well exceeded...
book review: the plot against heaven by mark kirkbride

Book Review: The Plot Against Heaven by Mark Kirkbride

About The plot against heaven Death doesn’t stand a chance against love. Hell-bent on confronting God after the death of wife Kate, Paul gate-crashes Heaven. With immigration problems and a wall, Heaven turns out to be...
book review: cancer daily life by carola schmidt

Book Review: Cancer Daily Life by Carola Schmidt

About Cancer Daily Life Cancer Daily Life is a bittersweet collection of single and double-frame strips that only readers who are highly involved with the C world could relate to. It’s sometimes cute and sweet,...
listen to older voices: sam see – part 4

Listen To Older Voices: Sam See – Part 4

This is the fourth and final program in the story of Baby Boomer, musician, composer and producer – Sam See.  Born in 1949 Sam was well educated and quickly developed an analytic mind that was...
yusuf islam (aka cat stevens)

Yusuf Islam (aka Cat Stevens)

FAMED BRITISH #2 British Singer-Songwriter and Musician As one of pop's most creative talents, he sold over 40 million records and then turned his back on fame, changed his religion and his name.  In 1948, Stephen...
for gallantry: australians awarded the george cross and the cross of valour, book launched

For Gallantry: Australians awarded the George Cross and the Cross of Valour, book launched

For Gallantry: Australians awarded the George Cross and the Cross of Valour is the first book dedicated to the stories of the 28 Australians honoured for their extreme bravery away from the battlefield.   From the marooned...
turia pitt


FAMED AUSTRALIANS #4 BURNED ALIVE WHILST TAKING PART IN AN AUSTRALIAN MARATHON. With fire season upon us, my thoughts turn to a story about unbelievable courage, supernatural strength and the sheer determination of a young woman,...