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Wednesday, December 2, 2020
listen to older voices: sam see – part 2

Listen To Older Voices: Sam See – Part 2

This is the second of a 4-part program that features the Life & Times story of Australian musician, composer and producer, Sam See. In the last program Sam talked about his family and their background...

Advantages of Using New Exhaust Technology

The exhaust system is the part of a car’s mechanics directly responsible for one of two main functions regarding the performance of the vehicle. The other one is the intake of air, which is...
child custody

Child Custody: How to Handle Frustration of Parenting Time

Going through a divorce is never an easy task, especially when children are involved in the process. When it comes to child custody battles, it’s important to keep in mind that the best outcomes...
listen to older voices: sam see – part 1

Listen To Older Voices: Sam See – Part 1

Welcome to part 1 of a 4-part program featuring the Life & Times of Sam See. Four part programs are generally representative of someone whose life story is both well told, and extremely full. This...
buy cakes online

5 Reasons to Buy Cakes Online For All Occasions

A cake is the best way to bring in celebrations for any occasion. These occasions include birthdays, anniversaries, promotions, bridal showers, and Halloween, amongst others. With the availability of the online mode buying a...
that radio chick cheryl lee farewells the iconic scenic hotel’s publicans after 26 years


ALICE, ALICE, WHO THE F%#& IS ALICE?!? Farewell party for publicans Herbie & Jane Horsnell as they depart their beloved Scenic Hotel It was the end of an era and a party to end all...
what are the chances to win in solitaire game?

What Are the Chances to Win in Solitaire Game?

How many times have you played Solitaire online and got blocked without any available moves? Then, you know that this game is actually not so easy to win as it might seem. In fact,...
aged care isn’t working, but we can create neighbourhoods to support healthy ageing in place

Aged care isn’t working, but we can create neighbourhoods to support healthy ageing in...

Image: Kathleen Brasher, Author provided In 2020, the coronavirus pandemic has exposed issues and inequities across society. How we plan for ageing populations and older people is one critical issue that has been neglected for...
benefits of switching from cigarettes to e-cigs and vapes

Benefits of Switching from Cigarettes to E-Cigs and Vapes

There are many reasons why e-cigarettes and vapes may make a better choice for smokers compared to the traditional cigarettes, the most obvious ones being the greater amount of freedom and convenience that comes...
how to hire the right wedding videographer?

How to Hire the Right Wedding Videographer?

Videos have become the most favourite part of the wedding for most of the couples. Some choose a camcorder while others hire a wedding videographer. Videos stay forever and speak about your wedding functions...