join us for powerhouse late: fashion worlds

Join us for Powerhouse Late: Fashion Worlds

Powerhouse Late: Fashion Worlds  13 May 2021, from 5pm FREE A collision of Future Fashion and Fantastical Worlds exhibitions exploring the work of next-generation designers, speculative thinking, changes to practices and local manufacturing, and the influence of new technologies. Join us...
more interest and investment in vegan skincare than ever

More Interest And Investment In Vegan Skincare Than Ever

There is so much advancement and enhancement that has been geared forever towards encouraging and empowering the world around us to become bolder and better as time goes on. Today, every aspect of life...
13 elegant watches worn by the most elegant female celebs

13 Elegant Watches Worn By the Most Elegant Female Celebs

Purchasing a watch for a woman, launching a YouTube-only makeup line, and investing in a probably unstable online business idea all seem to be rites of passage for contemporary celebrities trying to mark the...
6 unique luxury watches you need to see

6 Unique Luxury Watches You Need to See

Choosing from a long list of luxury watches can sometimes be challenging. Aside from the overwhelming price, it’s also a little bit hard to see the difference in every design available especially if you...
5 most affordable tissot watches under 1000 dollars

5 Most Affordable Tissot Watches Under 1000 Dollars

Luxury watches are a great investment. Once you have purchased one, expect it to double or triple its price through time. Also, aside from it can be your investment, it can also serve as...
balenciaga: a lookbook to the future of fashion

Balenciaga: A Lookbook to the Future of Fashion

Balenciaga is pretty much unrivalled in the highest ends of luxury streetwear, offering a plethora of intricate designs to hit the ground running in a trendsetting way. There are mainly two kinds of fashion brands...
Confidence through Clothing

Impressions: Gaining Confidence through Clothing

"First impressions are the best impressions" is one of those quotes or sayings that every person has heard at some point in their lives. This "impression" plays a significant role, especially in people's workplaces....
the top boot styles- every men’s western wardrobe must-have!

The Top Boot Styles- Every Men’s Western Wardrobe Must-Have!

If there is one thing you can do to up your style quotient instantly, it is to choose the right boots. Men usually do not have plenty of clothing styles and options like women...
how carla zampatti pioneered wearable yet cosmopolitan clothes for women, and became a fashion icon

How Carla Zampatti pioneered wearable yet cosmopolitan clothes for women, and became a fashion...

 Picture: AAP/Joel Carrett With the sudden death of Carla Zampatti, Australia has lost perhaps its most successful and loved fashion designer. Zampatti was that rare beast who had inter-generational relevance. She celebrated her 55th year in...
3 unusual jewellery ideas for a special day

3 Unusual Jewellery Ideas for a Special Day

The definition of a special day certainly includes birthdays, weddings, anniversaries and other usual dates that we tend to celebrate, but it can also mean an occasion that has nothing to do with traditional...