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7 Compelling ways exfoliation boosts your skin health

Exfoliating is often the most loved step in skin care regimes. Whether you use physical exfoliate products at Synergie Skin or chemical exfoliation, it never fails to make you feel afresh and liberated. Exfoliating...
guide to leather wallets for men and women

Guide to Leather Wallets for Men and Women

When you’re headed out the door, you tend to check whether you have your keys, wallet, and phone, but when was the last time you looked at your wallet, is it in need of...
oval cut diamond engagement ring and their quality

Oval cut diamond engagement ring and their quality

The point is, don't let a presumption of what is the 'right amount' determine what you select to invest. What is the Right Rate? So what is the 'right price?', if one exists at...
giulia baggini

Interview – Giulia Baggini – Los Angeles based Italian Fashion PR

What would you say are the basic pieces any woman should have in their closets? I would say a nice pair of straight jeans (maybe Levi’s), an everyday classic bag, a white shirt, and a...
5 amazing benefits of choosing right kid’s shoes

5 Amazing Benefits of Choosing Right Kid’s Shoes

Choosing the right kids’ shoes is a challenge parents face. For the best comfortable lifestyle of kids, footwear has an important role to play. When their shoes are comfortable and flexible, they can enjoy...

5 Timeless Fashion Trends That Never Go Out of Style

People view fashion differently. However, there is a general consensus that fashion comes and goes. Most of the changes associated with fashion can be attributed to the growing use of social media platforms. This...
Kids Sunglasses

5 Factors to Consider When Buying Kids Sunglasses

Like adults, kids are also at a high risk of eye damage from ultraviolet rays. Their skin and eyelids are more delicate and sensitive to UV rays than adults. Too much exposure to sun...
what is the importance of proper makeup removal?

What Is The Importance Of Proper Makeup Removal?

Applying makeup is our favourite thing to do as it gives added beauty to our face. However, it is important to remove this makeup once you are back from the event. People often damage...
3 reasons why collectors love buying rolex

3 Reasons Why Collectors Love Buying Rolex

People buy watches for several reasons. Some buy watches since they need a tool to track time and perform other functions that modern luxury watches could offer. There are also watch users who wear...
our 5 top picks from patek philippe’s watches

Our 5 Top Picks from Patek Philippe’s Watches

When we do not know much about luxury watches and what the brands offer, it is very helpful to look through their best-seller and the timepieces they are best known for. There is surely...