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tips to flaunt your body with style

Tips to flaunt your body with style

We are staunch supporters of the ‘One Size Doesn’t Fit All’ concept, but do fashion mavens and pioneers believe the same? In support of the hundreds of thousands of busty and curvy Victorias, we...
how feasible are iron-on clothing labels

How feasible are iron-on clothing labels

Want a way to design your outfits or clothing items easily? The customized iron-on clothing labels by the Label Kingdom are a great choice for you. Create tags of iron-on for all your clothing,...
common issues while deciding what to wear?

Common issues while deciding what to wear?

People perceived your image from the dress you wear. You have to look presentable whether you go to work or you go to college. Go shopping with proper research from where you need to...
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Celebrate Life, Friendship and Self Love This Valentine’s With Helix

The season of love is upon us, once again! And, while the couples are busy planning their Valentine’s date, the singles are cursing themselves for their singlehood. Love is the best feeling of all, there is...
how to measure your size for suiting?

How to measure your size for suiting?

I know a lot of people who buy clothes online and are satisfied. Online shopping saves them time, is convenient, affordable and pleases with a variety of choices. A detailed description of the product,...
benefits of compression tights for active lifestyle

Benefits Of Compression Tights For Active Lifestyle

The practices of any sporting activity today is increasingly professionalized. Athletes take care of every detail that makes them improve their performance. This is the reason that drives the existence of articles such as...
understanding when the time is right to get a nose job

Understanding When The Time Is Right To Get A Nose Job

A lot of patients think that any time is the right time to get a nose job or Rhinoplasty as it is called. You decide to get a nose job, you go to the...
hair colour trends in 2020 – here is what is now hot!

Hair Colour Trends in 2020 – Here is what is now hot!

So what is 2020 bringing us when it comes to hair colour hot trends? After all, with a new year comes new beginnings and maybe even a new you! This could be the best...
five things hoop earrings say about your personality

Five Things Hoop Earrings Say About Your Personality

Even as you’re reading this now, a new fashion trend is being born somewhere in the world. Fashion is continually evolving, with outfits that are a hot trend today, instantly becoming a vintage outfit...
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How to make your baby girl look stylish?

Having a baby girl in the house keeps the family members excited for a variety of reasons. Be it children or grown-ups, everyone would want to play with her, take her outside and make...