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Wednesday, October 28, 2020
top 5 places for a family photo in melbourne

Top 5 Places for a Family Photo in Melbourne

Time truly moves fast - sometimes too fast and things around you start to change without you even noticing. In just a few years, that seed in your backyard would have sprouted and soon,...
tourism: what’s our new normal?

Tourism: what’s our new normal?

After months of lockdown, it’s no surprise that people are itching to get out and about. But with ongoing debates about how and when to open Australia’s state and territory borders, it’s hard to...
total revamp needed to secure the future of aussie tourism

Total revamp needed to secure the future of Aussie tourism

A complete reset of Australia's tourism industry is necessary to ensure its future success, according to global tourism expert, Professor Marianna Sigala at the University of South Australia. As debates continue about how and when...
5 reasons why you need to visit new zealand in 2020

5 Reasons Why You Need to Visit New Zealand in 2020

With its gorgeous mountains, breathtaking hills, and glaciers as old as time, it’s not hard to see why New Zealand is such a popular destination for tourists from all around the world. True, getting...
this could be the end of the line for cruise ships

This could be the end of the line for cruise ships

The Ruby Princess off the coast of Sydney on April 5 2020. Joel Carrett/AAP Stranded cruise ships have become a symbol of the COVID-19 pandemic. Passengers and crew are desperate to get off but the ports...
why melbourne is the best city in australia

Why Melbourne is the Best City in Australia

Melbourne was named the world’s most liveable city 7 years in a row from 2011 and 2017, and for good reason. Melbourne is an eccentric city filled to the brim with world-class restaurants, cultural...
travel tips: how to save money during your next trip to new zealand

Travel Tips: How to Save Money During Your Next Trip to New Zealand

In recent years, more Australians than ever are crossing the ditch to pay a visit to the land of the Kiwis. A record total of 1.5 million Aussies visited New Zealand last year, with...
set sail for a new adventure

Set Sail for a New Adventure

The lingo of the yacht charter market can be overwhelmingly difficult to understand. If you are a beginner you must always take a proper course in this regard. But, if you are simply planning...
exploring jandía

Exploring Jandía

How could I forego the invitation to visit Punta Jandía, Fuertventura’s southern tip. I’d already passed up the opportunity to visit Villa Winter and the village of Cofete due to the nature of the...
a day in gran tarajal

A Day in Gran Tarajal

On Thursday, I caught the bus to the Spanish seaside town of Gran Tarajal on Fuerteventura’s east coast. I knew I was in for an adventure, the bus journey alone amounting to almost an...