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Hitting the Famous Inca Trail

If you are looking for an adventure for your next holiday how about hitting the famous Inca Trail? Forget being bored at the side of a pool, or feeling restless on a beach. Get...
7 smart car hacks for your next road trip

7 Smart Car Hacks For Your Next Road Trip

Everyone loves a good trip with friends and family, and so do you. A good road trip with an excellent car is an experience of a lifetime. Still, minor problems can obstruct the trip....
the florida maritime law and hiring a lawyer you can trust

The Florida Maritime Law And Hiring A Lawyer You Can Trust

The law on maritime transport or admirals includes agreements and mandatory provisions that any business or entity must adhere to if it carries on or in the sea. It should be noted that every...

Things To Do in Sedona With Kids

Sedona is a small town in the heart of Red Rock Country, one of the most visited places in the US. Stunning scenery, red rock formations well known from classic western movies, and plenty...
travel as a learning zone

Travel as a Learning Zone

Professional photographer and videographer Aaron Michelson has seen a lot of the world but considers his birthplace of Hong Kong to be his home. The 30-year-old holds a US passport thanks to his parents and...
top 5 places for a family photo in melbourne

Top 5 Places for a Family Photo in Melbourne

Time truly moves fast - sometimes too fast and things around you start to change without you even noticing. In just a few years, that seed in your backyard would have sprouted and soon,...
tourism: what’s our new normal?

Tourism: what’s our new normal?

After months of lockdown, it’s no surprise that people are itching to get out and about. But with ongoing debates about how and when to open Australia’s state and territory borders, it’s hard to...
total revamp needed to secure the future of aussie tourism

Total revamp needed to secure the future of Aussie tourism

A complete reset of Australia's tourism industry is necessary to ensure its future success, according to global tourism expert, Professor Marianna Sigala at the University of South Australia. As debates continue about how and when...
5 reasons why you need to visit new zealand in 2020

5 Reasons Why You Need to Visit New Zealand in 2020

With its gorgeous mountains, breathtaking hills, and glaciers as old as time, it’s not hard to see why New Zealand is such a popular destination for tourists from all around the world. True, getting...
this could be the end of the line for cruise ships

This could be the end of the line for cruise ships

The Ruby Princess off the coast of Sydney on April 5 2020. Joel Carrett/AAP Stranded cruise ships have become a symbol of the COVID-19 pandemic. Passengers and crew are desperate to get off but the ports...