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Underfloor Heating

Everything About Underfloor Heating For Home

Underfloor heating is a common solution to heat your home, but before you install it in your home, there's a lot to consider. This article explains what you need to know. If you intend...
electric bikes- a descriptive buying guide only for adventure lovers

Electric Bikes- A Descriptive Buying Guide Only For Adventure Lovers

Traditional two-wheeler cycles were always considered as a mess, courtesy to the amount of labor one needs to infuse to propel the vehicle forward. Cycles are like a headache for many commuters and adventure...
why is child custody lawyer important?

Why Is Child Custody Lawyer Important?

Child custody lawyers have work to unified the parents or guardians to take care of the responsibility of their child by seeking the law and orders in favor of them. They make the main...
Cargo E-Bike

Reasons Why a Cargo E-Bike Has Become So Popular

In recent times, bikes have become increasingly popular for transportation among urban people. Indeed, in some parts of Australia, bicycles outnumber even cars. Riding a bike is good for your health, eco-friendly, practical, affordable,...
commercial property maintenance: your shortcut to building and electrical works

Commercial Property Maintenance: Your Shortcut to Building and Electrical Works

If you manage an apartment building, a factory, an office, or any other commercial building, you know how stressful property maintenance requirements can be. From electrical work to odd jobs, you have a responsibility...
top 5 places for a family photo in melbourne

Top 5 Places for a Family Photo in Melbourne

Time truly moves fast - sometimes too fast and things around you start to change without you even noticing. In just a few years, that seed in your backyard would have sprouted and soon,...
a twist you can’t resist – last minute bookings!

A twist you can’t resist – last minute bookings!

We’re taking last minute bookings for an exciting online, artist-led event THIS Friday night with Jacqui Stockdale. Jacqui will begin by introducing her exhibition The Long Shot currently on show at Linden. View 360 tour here Not sure what...
a decade of design

A decade of design

What doesn't kill you makes you stronger Stand a little taller The past few months have been challenging for us all. Our thoughts are with those who have been impacted in these difficult times. As we start...
Linden New Art Logo

Linden New Art re-opening

Book your visit to linden Linden is re-opening on Tuesday 9 June 2020 and we look forward to welcoming you back. In order for us to manage the social distancing requirements for COVID-19 we are offering 2 sessions...
vehicle graphics: best types of designs for your vehicle

Vehicle Graphics: Best Types of Designs For your Vehicle

Vehicle graphics and Vehicle wraps allow you the option to highlight your brand or support your advertisers with a persistent commercial on the rim, guaranteed to attract the eye of every passerby – at...